Up close and personal w/ Freddie...

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by dbergkamp10du, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. dbergkamp10du

    dbergkamp10du New Member

    Oct 23, 2002
    Tennessee USA
    If you wanna see a fairly good picture of Ljungberg, find the latest copy of Sports Illustrated and turn the entire magazine over. He's on the back, posing for some underwear brand.
  2. jegerpenge

    jegerpenge New Member

    Jan 18, 2003
    Lake Charles, LA
    yeh, it's because of his ad campaign with calvin klein. my friend enjoys calling him freddie klein now. damn liverpool supporters
  3. naggi

    naggi Member

    Feb 15, 2002
    san francisco
    That would be Calvin Klein. I was walking in downtown SF yesterday, minding my own business, then all of a sudden an oiled guy with a familiar face appears on a large billboard in front of me. The man will be known in the states for something other than his goals during the double season, I would guess.
  4. JohnW

    JohnW Member

    Apr 27, 2001
    St. Paul
    And I assume it's not just the lizard tatoo on his stomach? :)
  5. usagoal

    usagoal Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Las Vegas
    Fooled me again. I thought it was about Freddy Adu.
  6. jegerpenge

    jegerpenge New Member

    Jan 18, 2003
    Lake Charles, LA
    it's a panther...duh!!! everybody knows that...:)
  7. Lanesra

    Lanesra BigSoccer Supporter

    Feb 13, 2003
    If your mate's teams bollocks were as big as Freddies, they wouldn't be fighting for fourth spot in the premiership. :)
  8. BayouGooner

    BayouGooner New Member

    Apr 2, 2003
    Lake Charles, LA
    fallen off

    Funny that CK would use Freddie in an advert that is used all over America--he's virtually unknown here. I don't mind Freddy increasing his profile in the states, but I wish he would concentrate on his game more. He's really fallen off over the past 2 seasons.
  9. bourque312

    bourque312 Red Card

    Oct 16, 2003
    The only freddy anyone cares about is Freddy Adu. GET IT RIGHT!!
  10. nyrmetros

    nyrmetros Member

    Feb 7, 2004
    caught as well....
  11. jegerpenge

    jegerpenge New Member

    Jan 18, 2003
    Lake Charles, LA
    yes well i think that we all know enough about soccer to differentiate between freddIE and freddY. mods, can we change the subject to "i saw freddie in his underwear"
  12. TxTechGooner

    TxTechGooner we're having fun here, no?

    Feb 24, 2003
    Adu talk is really starting to beat me down.... the kid isn't reserve material yet.. gimme him 2 more years at least. .ugh....

    and i dont think CK puts Ljungberg in their ads for his name value....
  13. 442

    442 Member

    Dec 28, 2000
    Secret ArseAm HQ
    huge billboard in Times Square NYC as well. Also, he's on the cover of Men's Health magazine.
  14. TheSlipperyOne

    TheSlipperyOne Member+

    Feb 29, 2000
    Arsenal FC
    There was a photo layout of him back in Sweden and a small interview with him talking about soccer and his deal with CK in GQ a couple months ago.
  15. Coach_McGuirk

    Coach_McGuirk New Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Between the Pipes
    I could swear that 2 weeks ago I saw something on E! that said Freddie was the most popular new model they've had in quite some time (and I was watching an SNL rerun on E!, not Anna Nicole...)

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