UEFA Europa League Play-Offs 2018/19

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    UEFA Europa League is the second main football competition in Europe. The best teams in Europe who did not get into the Champions League or who fell out of it move into the Europa League. They have the chance to take the trophy and next year without qualification get into the Champions League and fight with the winner of CL in the European Cup final. This annual football club competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations. Previously called the UEFA Cup, however, competition has changed a name to UEFA Europa League since the 2009 year.

    In the tournament were left 32 of the great teams this season. Each match is decisive now, however, there is a chance to win back, even if the team was defeated in the first match. SmashingTip wants to analyze and provide information about who has more chances to win, how the teams got into the playoff and, of course, about the best players of the tournament.

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