Udinese moves out 26 players,another managerial wonder

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    May 21, 2001
    despite the dire straits of calcio and european football in general (not to mention world economics),Udinese Calcio s.p.a. has managed to end the financial year with a positive closing balance AND strenghten the squad at the same time!

    the trick? excellent foresight (Udinese has signed a longer agreement with payTV which will bring € 12,5 millions for three more seasons to the club,when other small clubs are being offered € 5,2 - 8 millions) and keen understanding of the present situation of the market

    the club has not hesitated in giving up decent players for free if they were not in their plans for the only sake of saving on their salaries

    in details:
    Udinese renounces Marcos Paulo,for whom Cruzeiro were asking € 3 millions,than proceeds intentionally losing Scarlato's joint ownership to Torino,and obtains € 1 and € 2 millons for giving up their half of Esposito and Margiotta respectively.
    € 2 millions comes from the loan of Di Michele to Reggina; Pavon and Montezine for Jankulovski + € 2 millions are the masterpiece of GM Marino...
    250.000 euros are the small sum obtained for the joint ownership of Turci to Sampdoria; River Plate had to pay € 500.00 for the loan of Sosa
    Zamboni and Helgera go out on free loan to Modena and Alaves,respectively
    there's still a € 800.000 difference between the cost of the acquisition of Jankulovski and Jancker and the money collected from the 26 Udinese players,but the € 5 millions saved on salaries turn the final count into a net gain

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