U-18 National Team in June (R)

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    Mar 1, 2001
    Here is the U-18 NT roster the training camp at the HDC in late June. I never saw this reported anywhere, but better late than never.

    F Arturo Alvarez
    D Sam Brill
    F Marc Burch
    M Craig Capano
    F Adam Cristman
    D Greg Dalby
    F Sergio Flores
    D Hunter Freeman
    G Brad Guzan
    M Will Hall
    M Pat Ianni
    F Danny Karbassiyoon
    G Andrew Kartunen
    F Kiel McClung
    M Dane Murphy ('86 from CT)
    F Nate Norman
    G Justin Papadakis
    D Patrick Phelan
    D Ryan Solle
    M Danny Vasquez
    M Mike Videira ('86 from Mass)
    D Jed Zayner

    They beat CSUDH 2-0

    Goals: Capano and Karbassiyoon.

    USA – Brad Guzan (Justin Papadakis, Half), Jed Zayner, Greg Dalby (Sam Brill, Half), Patrick Phelan (Kiel McClung, Half), Hunter Freeman (Patrick Ianni, Half), Mike Videira (Dane Murphy, Half), Will Hall (Ryan Solle, Half), Craig Capano (Danny Vasquez, Half), Marc Burch (Danny Karbassiyoon, 63’), Sergio Flores (Nate Norman, Half), Danny Karbassiyoon (Adam Cristman, Half)

    They also beat an unknown opponent 3-0

    Goals: Vasquez, Alvarez and Alvarez

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