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    [​IMG] A superb program made by the FPF federation in São Paulo, covering Brazil's past and present in women's football.

    "It was 40 years of struggles to take women's football out of hiding and put the dream on its feet. The resistance continues. They are warrior women like Sissi, Roseli, Marcia Honório, Aline Pellegrino, Cristiane and Formiga who inspire a new generation of absolute, sovereign, dreamy and free girls. A revolution is underway, there is a long way to go. But nothing else can stop them."

    Episode list is on (English).

    1 - There It Comes: The Youth Academy

    2 - Offside

    3 - Counterattack

    7 - Maternity (with Nildinha, Jamille and Tamires)

    8 - Final episode

    And the other 3 episodes are about the women in the universe of men's soccer:

    4 - Maximum Authority (referees)

    5 - Fanatics (fans)

    6 - Between The Lines (media & journalism)

    The series includes TV clips from women's football in the 1980s and 1990s. Most surprisingly for an 'official' film, this one doesn't ignore or downplay any problem, and fully prioritizes the voices of women in the sport. In short episodes, the director Lili Fialho tackles a wide range of topics here masterfully.

    The original Portuguese-language series from 2020 is also online:
    Absolutas - O Futebol Feminino Contra-ataca
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