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Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by Wizardscharter, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Bad day in LA. Pretty much the only one KC has had since the HDC opener. It would be easy to do about 1000 words on Bo v Tony OR the true effect of dc defending KC's forwards with bracket coverage (a cover 2 in football, BTW). Tony's (or anyone's) quality distribution would have changed that dynamic but whatever OR the otherwise brilliant season by Bobby Gansler and KC overcoming something no other team would have been able to OR the limited vision of a certain midgit that will not be receiving pleasant Christmas wishes from KC zips OR the accumulated luck of a team in black that reminds one of a movie script where the baddy gets the run for a time but always ends up friendless and vanqished in the end. Good guys never wear black. But all of that is for other threads.

    At a certain point false braggidocio and grief are both for people with nothing better to do. Time to focus people. On to the next most important matter at hand:


    One of the 2 teams is "on the clock" and KC must select 12 to keep and 5 more in order as one man is removed from the teams' available list at each selection from said team. Also, the rosters are up to 28 as of 2005. The reason being a rumored reserve league targeted for a full slate eventually but starting with 12 games for 2005.

    Protected players on the Development or p-40 roster (mods edit if in error):


    My 12 in brief
    Klein - MVP pre-injury. Both O and D are exponentially better when he's in.
    JJ - Learning how to win. glue type, Guti-esque guy. Teams need this too.
    Burciaga - Covers ground, has rocket, improving starter. I like him left and Klein right. The Nats might also eventually.
    Garcia - Takes a class effort to beat him. Speed bag for faster hands. True Hoosiers know how to use their hands, Nicky. You were beaten by Esy's faster hands before it ever became a foot issue.
    Jim-may - Like Bobby G., if it's anywhere else he's the DOTY.
    Stephenson - Too young and physical to let go for any reason. He'll be a Wizard for next 10 years barring trade for ridiculous value in return - and even that might not be worth it eventually. I'm not kidding.
    Tony - His health is enough for years to come. His place is here.
    Taylor - He was good enough to get into position 4 times. I'm sure he's pissed at himself. He should be. It isn't like surfing, he may never get another wave, mush less an inrolling set of 4. I bet He improves.

    Next 5 in order:

    Bo - He's the backup. Tony's getting hurt regularly.
    whoever is coming off the developmental roster this year
    Igor - Undenied skill. Wonder about heart and fragility
    Thomas - 2nd year under Gansler tells if he is an individual or a team guy.
    Gomez - He's had many shots here.

    Can't protect Preki due to age and injury. All word out of the FO will be that he's rehabbing no matter how he's progressing. My guess is he'll be ready and starting come March.

    Can't protect Walsh. I shouldn't have to give a reason.

    Of the DEV roster only Graham and JJ have arguement for a place in the top 17. JJ maybe top 12. Both would benefit nicely from reserve schedule given 0 injuries next year.

    The week after the draft KC had better trot out a signifigant SI signing. This is a time for CJ to either escell or fail miserably. You have the expansion, the draft, FIFA transfer window, and roster expansion all in about 2 months.

    KC is the odds-on favorite for USOC, Cup, and Shield next year with or without Preki. CJ must forego sleep, family, and outside life right now. Success now is job security for years. Failure now is update resume time, IMO. There will never be a more important time for him to shine or F it up. HSG should spend the money to have people (plural) at all college tourneys and all-star events regarless of location.

    In the words of an a-hole, "GET-r-done".

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