Tulsa/OKC/Edmond conspiracy theories...

Discussion in 'MLS: Expansion' started by USRufnex, Aug 3, 2002.

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    First Brad Lund/Express sports shows off the Bricktown area... the OKC mayor comes back and says he heard nothing and his office has heard nothing... in the meantime, it is noted in the paper that MLS officials have met with un-named Tulsa officials 5 or 6 times in the past months... news comes out in Tulsa supportive of a team and Tulsa's mayor weighs in... no word of any O/I's in Tulsa... then comes meeting with UCO prez regarding stadium in Edmond... no news from Tulsa... lots of news from Daily Oklahoman and Dean Blevins/channel 9 about well, anything and everything and Tulsa's mysterious bid-- which nobody in Tulsa seems to know about... which is 6 MONTHS AHEAD OF OKC's!?!... Daily Oklahoman has been eerily supportive... then Garber fails to mention OKC but does mention Tulsa?

    Thoughts. Conspiracy theories, anyone?

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