TSF World Cup Bracket Challenge (with prizes!)

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    via http://trisoccerfan.com/?p=5436 ...

    Want to test your prediction capability against other Triangle Soccer Fanatics and possibly win a prize?

    Sign up for ESPN’s Bracket Predictor and join the Triangle Soccer Fanatics group to play alongside other RDU area soccer fans.

    ESPN is offering a number of prizes including $5000 in cash to winner of the overall challenge. TSF will be throwing in some additional prizes for the top entries in the Triangle Soccer Fanatics group. We’ll also award a prize to the worst scoring, completed bracket in the group so don’t be disheartened if your predictions don’t pan out the way you thought they would.

    Prizes are still being finalized but will include a variety of RailHawks, TSF, USA, American Outlaws, and Fox Soccer Channel merchandise and paraphernalia.

    To play, simply follow ESPN’s instructions to create your bracket. Your bracket must be finalized prior to kickoff of the first match at 10:00am EST on Friday, June 11th.

    Once your bracket is created, simply join the TSF group by clicking on the “Create or Join a Group” link under the “My Entry” section and search for the Triangle Soccer Fanatics group.

    Winners will be notified on Monday, July 12th.

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