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    In need of advice for seeing a game, and hoping that Big Soccer can help out.. :)

    I'm flying into Costa Rica this Saturday (7/23), and hoping to see the Alajuelense game (right near the airport, right?) A few questions...

    Is this possible? I am obviously a huge soccer fan, but have limited Spanish. The rest of the trip will be guided, but I'm mostly on my own for this. How would I go about getting tickets? Would it be safe to take 10-12 year old kids? What do I need to know about the environment around the stadium before, during, and after the game?

    Many, many thanks for any advice you could give. Feel free to PM if there's any specific help you could provide.
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    I have been to two games at Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto (the Alajuelense stadium). I have gone with ticos. At the Saprissa game (biggest rivalry) there were Saprissa fans sitting among the Liga fans - NO PROBLEMS that I observed. I bought a Liga shirt for my grandson for about $5 or $10. There is not much parking near the stadium. I don't see a problem with kids 10-12 attending a game. Ticos, feel free to add your comments.
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