Transform and Roll Out... in 2005

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by Alex_1, Nov 5, 2003.

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    Buddy of mine emailed me this interesting article:

    The editor's right. If they play that song "The Touch", I am sooooo there. :D

    The 1986 was a classic. I used to have the thing memorized when I was a kid then. Heck, I even had the original Ultra Magnus toy back then (but was a little disappointed that it was just Optimus with some bigger armor).

    "Behold... Cybertron's Destruction!"

    "It's Over Prime"

    Just some of the great quotes from that animated feature. I wonder how the heck they'd make it a live feature though???
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    I have the animated movie on DVD, where Spike drops an S-Bomb in it....don't remember that in the theatre
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    Yup, I have that on DVD too, and its such a horrible movie that I cannot for the life of me watch it sober. It was fun to see in the theatre as a kid though.
  5. JMU Soccer!

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    Jul 19, 1999
    The kid in me wants this movie to be made. We haven't seen Optimus Prime in any animated media since he rolled into a Jewish Temple on Family Guy and Peter Griffith proclaimed/asked "Optimus Prime is Jewish?" as Optimus donned on his Yarmulke.
  6. Doctor Stamen

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    Any chance of an image of this ?? :D
  7. JMU Soccer!

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    Jul 19, 1999
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    No you don't

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