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Discussion in 'Sacramento Republic FC' started by Knave, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Tower Bridge Battalion now has a podcast. I listened to the first one today. The production was horrible, but they had Warren Smith on so the content was great.

    Unfortunately, they've chosen to host the podcast on, which is also horrible. As a public service, I'm posting the pertinent podcast information here, because it's buried on that idiotic website.

    Tower Bridge Battalion Podcast

    RSS Feed: really wants you to use their website, so they bury the RSS feed and don't provide an iTunes page. But nobody who actually listens to podcasts is going to go to In other words is a podcasting service that doesn't really seem to know how podcasting works.

    If anyone connected to this podcast is reading this post, I strongly suggest you switch to BuzzSprout.
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    Listened to this the other day, very encouraging. I think this was in another thread somewhere, I made some points about the stadium location. Needless to say, very encouraging when Warren describes the railyards and West Sac near Raley Field as the "easy thing to do", that they want an even better location to do right! That kind of blew me away. Really excited to see what comes about.

    PS - It's Spreaker, not Speaker.. And yes, it sucks ;)
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    May 25, 1999
    Oh, yeah, it is, isn't it ... Well, that just makes it even worse! :D

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