Top Young Talent for World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016

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    Perhaps the future is looking bright for the "Bialo-Czerwoni." More and more young players are joining teams in Germany, France, England and Italy at a very young age. Some of them are already ranked very high. There are also a few gems in the Polish Ekstraklasa, which probably should join a stronger league soon inorder to fully develop. Ofcourse, not all of them will see their full potential, but a few (3-5) should do it. Here is a list of 11 promising young talents which will start entering the national team around the next World Cup 2014, or even sooner:

    - Wojciech Szczesny (GK) (Could play at: EC 2012, WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - Marcin Kaminski (CB) (EC 2012, WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - Jakub Swierczok (FW) (EC 2012, WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - Bartosz Salamon (CM) (WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - Rafal Wolski (AM) (WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - Jakub Kosecki (RM) (WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - Piotr Zielinski (AM) (W 2016)

    - * Martin Kobylanski (FW) (WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - * Ivo Pekalski (CM) (EC 2012, WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - * Timothy Kolodziejczak (LB) (WC 2014, EC 2016)

    - * Paulo Dybala (FW/SS) (WC 2014, EC 2016)

    Considering the fact that at Euro 2016, Robert Lewandowski will be only 27 years old, Wojciech Szczesny will be 26, Sebastian Boesnich will be 28, while Jakub Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek will be 31 years old, we could have an interesting team around that time, if at least some (3-5) of these gems fully develop. If more than 5 develop to at least 80% of their current potential and play for Poland, we could then speak of a very talented generation.

    Poland's "Dream Team" at Euro 2016:

    Szczesny (26 years old), Piszczek (31), Kaminski (24), Kolodziejczak (24), Boesnich (28)- Salamon (24), Polanski (29)- Blaszczykowski (31), Wolski (23)- Lewandowski (27), Kobylanski (22)

    * That's if they opt to play for Poland instead of Germany, Sweden, France or Argentina.
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    Well, I doubt Dybala, Kolodziejczak and Pekalski will ever play for Poland. They'll probably choose their original countries.

    However we have few very good young players in Poland right now. Let's see:

    Mariusz Stepinski (Widzew Lodz) - 17 years old striker with great pace and movement already scored his debut goal in Polish Ekstraklasa. There were rumours that Inter and Fiorentina would like to sign him in the near future.

    Lukasz Teodorczyk (Polonia Warszawa) - complete forward with bright future ahead of him. One of the biggest stars of Ekstraklasa at the moment.

    Pawel Wszolek (Polonia Warszawa) - impressed everybody few days ago in his debut for national team against RSA. Flamboyant winger with a very good instinct to score goals.

    Daniel Lukasik (Legia Warszawa) - he became a very important player for Legia in last few months. Good vision, technique, not bad set-pieces taker. With lack of central midfielders in the country he should soon get a call-up from national team manager - Waldemar Fornalik.

    Arkadiusz Milik (Gornik Zabrze) - if people compare you with Wlodzimierz Lubanski that just have to mean something. Extremely talented forward with magnificent left foot.

    Other players ''to watch'' in next few years:

    Jakub Bartkowski (Widzew)
    Mariusz Rybicki (Widzew)
    Mateusz Szwoch (Arka Gdynia)
    Dominik Furman (Legia)
    Maciej Makuszewski (Terek Grozny)
    Lukasz Skorupski (Gornik Zabrze)
    Pawel Tarnowski (Jagiellonia)

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