Top Drawer's Youth Soccer Prescription for the next 10 years

Discussion in 'Youth & HS Soccer' started by Karl K, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Rob has just posted an article on topdrawer focusing on what needs to be done over the next 10 years in youth soccer to take the USA "to the next level."


    A Suggested Blueprint for National Youth Soccer: The Next 10 Years

    Definitely worth reading and DEFINITELY worth thinking about.

    I'll make some comments a little later on, but I wanted to get the discussion going on this.

    Mods, of course feel free to move this thred to Youth National Teams if you believe it appropriate.
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    My Response

    A fresh, thoughtful, and bold proposal.

    The key issue, of course, is the money -- whether the author's assumption (hope?) is correct that corporate sponsorship will provide the funding. As WUSA found out, easier said than done.

    But I don't want to be a naysayer -- if not corporate funding, possibly other funding sources could suffice: monies from USSF, tuition from those who can afford it (i.e., need-based financial aid, as is done by the Ivy League colleges), a modest surcharge on all club soccer dues that would be used to fund scholarships, etc.

    In other words, I'd like to see something like this explored further.
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    I was always a big proponent to having the professional clubs create youth programs like they have overseas. But there are some problems with that -- including geography and college eligibility.

    I do like the idea of having these dedicated academies for the youth development. I think this would be even better than having them run by the pros.

    Money, as always, is a big issue. But I see a potentially larger issue -- politics. Who is going to set this up? Who picks the 24 clubs to provide this service? Unless USSF steps up and does it from the very top, there is going to be a LOT of political fighting over this -- and even if they do it, there's some very tough decisions on determining where these academies are established and who runs them.
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    Crap. This wasn't here earlier today. So I posted this in the USA Men-Youth National Team board as it seems as relevant there as anywhere else.

    Which thread to use?

    Anyway, I disagree with the premise of the article. The pro teams should do this. If the club teams can fund it, so can MLS. The big problem I have with the proposal is that your asking people to overhaul the current system who currently are receiving the largest benefit from it. The current system may be sub-optimal for US soccer, the USMNT, MLS, the players, coaches, fans and parents, but it certainly seems to be doing okay by the Chicago Magic and FC Delco. That they _should_ change is irrelevant as to whether they _would_ change.

    I'd rather hitch my wagon to the horse heading in the direction I already want to go (MLS), then to another horse and then try and steer that horse in the right direction (Clubs). There is no discernable benefit to the club system to doing this, so getting them to do so would be a problem.

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