Top 10 World's Strongest National League Rankings. Your Views.

Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by GW Emperor, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. GW Emperor

    GW Emperor New Member

    Oct 26, 2008
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    Newcastle United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    I have created this thread with the purpose of finding out how you Ecuador Football fans would rank the Top 10 Leagues in the World. Obviously you will need to have a decent knowledge of Football (Soccer) across the globe, to be able to create such a ranking, and judging from what I have seen in this Ecuador section their thankfully appears to be plenty of you around.
    According to the official rankings (which not too many Soccer Fans know about) from the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, the current Top 10 Strongest League's in the World Rankings look as follows:

    IFFHS Strongest National League Top 10

    1) English Premier League
    2) Italian Serie A
    3) Primera Division Argentina
    4) Spanish La Liga
    5) Campeonato Brasiliero
    6) German Bundesliga
    7) French Ligue 1
    8) Primera Division de Mexico
    9) Portuguese Liga
    10) Ukranian Premier League

    Now when my opinion is concerned, I like to believe that I have a very good knowledge of the World Game, and I would say that the league's which feature in the Top 10 are spot on, however the order is something which I would adjust. I would adjust it so that the Spanish La Liga moves into second where it belongs, this just behind the EPL, and just ahead of Italian Serie A. I would have the Brazil and Argentina leagues occupying the 4th and 5th spots, this ahead of the German Bundesliga, as those two South American Leagues are certainly stronger than the slowly dieing Bundesliga in this present day. And finally I would move the rapidly developing, and excellent Mexican Primera, up one space, this ahead of another former great in the French Ligue, which is sadly also dieing. Therefore my Top 10 Strongest National League Ranking would look as follows:

    1) English Premier League
    2) Spanish La Liga
    3) Italian Serie A
    4) Campeonato Brasiliero
    5) Primera Division Argentina
    6) German Bundesliga
    7) Primera Division de Mexico
    8) French Ligue 1
    9) Portuguese Liga
    10) Ukranian Premier League

    So then fellow BigSoccer Forum users, how would your Top 10 World's Strongest League's Ranking look?
  2. Spencer

    Spencer Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    Barcelona Guayaquil
    Nat'l Team:
    I agree on everything but the 10th spot.
    I would put the Dutch or the Russian leage at 10th instead of the Ukranian leage.
    Even the Turkish and the Greek one might be above the Ukranian one imo.
    Cheers, nice post
  3. Quilotoa

    Quilotoa Member

    Sep 26, 2008
    Brasilia, Brazil
    Nat'l Team:
    1. Premier League
    2. La liga
    3. Serie A
    4. Primera Division de Arentina
    5. Campeonato Brasiliero
    6. French Ligue 1
    7. German Bundesliga
    8. Primera Division de Mexico
    9. Dutch Eredivisie
    10. Portuguese Liga

    Thats my table, I kept the Ligue 1 up high due to recent youth pouring out, but I still agree they are weakening. Nice post.
  4. Cris 09

    Cris 09 Trololololo

    Nov 30, 2004
    Borussia Dortmund
    Nat'l Team:
    What does "Strongest" mean...:confused:

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