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    Dec 27, 2002
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    Fan violence has reared its ugly head again after the Newcastle game last night. Fortunatly it doesn't seem to be that bad.

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Almost 90 English soccer fans have been arrested ahead of a UEFA cup match in Breda in the Netherlands, Dutch police say.
    Some 94 fans were arrested in Breda, where NAC Breda were beaten 1-0 by Newcastle United, after riots broke out in the city centre.
    "We think 87 of the fans are English and that seven are Dutch," a police spokesman said.
    "Riots broke out between the two groups of supporters in the course of the afternoon. They threw bottles and glasses. One vandal smashed a shop window with a stick, or a bar, after supporters had fled inside," he added.
    Dutch police also arrested 41 Polish Wisla Krakow supporters earlier in the day after they found two axes, a garotte, three switchblades, kitchen knives, and other weapons on their bus.
    The supporters, who were on their way to the Wisla Krakow-NEC match, which the Polish side won 2-1, were sent back across the border, police said.
    Customs police had also stopped two cars full of Poles at the border in the morning and denied them access to the country as they were armed with knives and a steel bar.

    The bit about the Poles with axes and knives on their bus is scary but funny aswell

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