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Discussion in 'Asian Football Confederation' started by Gerrit, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Gerrit

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    May 20, 2005
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Please check www.national-football-teams.com , section Tibet. Listed are some names of clubs participating in the Tibet league.

    Does Tibet really have its own league ? Never heard of it,and it looks weird that China would allow it. After all, the Tibet FA had to base its offices across the border in India because the Chinese government doesn't accept Tibet to consider itself as an independent sporting country... So why then would they close their eyes on a Tibet national league ?
  2. chengb02

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    Oct 14, 2002
    there are only 3 teams listed, one is "Dharmasala" which is the city in India that serves as the base of the Dalai Lama, another is "Pokhara" which is in Nepal. I know nothing about this league and there is no team in Tibet, if there was, they would be a part of the CSL as Tibet is a part of China.
  3. greenlion

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    Apr 22, 2004
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    Tibet is not a independent country in anything, None of my Tibetan friends(born in tibet and still living in china, not those who was born in india or British and had never been to tibet) believes tibet should be a independent country.

    Tibet football club is now playing in C-League division 2 Northern Conference
  4. Nepal Footy

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    Feb 8, 1999
    I'm from Nepal so I have tons of Tibetan friends myself - some that have immigrated to Nepal, but also businessmen with Chinese passports.

    Your Tibetan friends have been brainwashed. The great majority of Tibetans want their own homeland though I believe most of them realize that it's a distant fantasy these days.
  5. chengb02

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    Oct 14, 2002
    They have a homeland and generous self rule in China, what you claim the majority of Tibetan people want (which is simply not true), is to ignore history, break away from China, and exchange the relatively benevolent Chinese "dictatorship" for the dictatorship of the Dalai Lama, which is certain to be equally harsh...
  6. Nepal Footy

    Nepal Footy New Member

    Feb 8, 1999
    I can see the Chinese governments propaganda work is prevailing.
  7. ReturnoftheTang

    Jul 15, 2005
    to settle this debate you need facts.

    You need to compare Tibet under the rule of Lama to Tibet under the rule of the PRC.

    Ask Tibetans who provided them with electricity?
    Who provided them with clean running water?
    Who provided them with indoor plumbing and sewage?
    Who provided them with the education they need?
    Who took them out of a feutal tyrant dictatorship?

    I don't think the PRC is that great myself, but under the Lama, most of them wouldn't even be well fed. That's just a fact.

    You can call this propaganda all you want, but I can simply say that anyone who believes that Tibet is an independent nation is brainwashed by the Propaganda of India and United States.

    India has always had political interest in Tibet, Tibet being part of China works against their territorial interest, so don't you dare for a second think that you are promoting freedom, you are promoting India's selfish interest. As for the United States, they don't have the rights to talk since their country is totally found at the expense of the aboriginals.

    greelion's right, and Nepa Footy is not completely wrong either. There are tibetans that are happy under PRC ruling and there are tibetans that are not happy under PRC ruling. What is the exact percentage of tibetans for/against PRC? I don't have the facts myself so I am not going to comment.

    Nevertheless, after the brtual takeover of Tibet by PRC in the early 1950s, Tibet is now peacefully part of China despite what others say. Anyone who promotes Tibet independence is actually trying to break up China.
  8. Nepal Footy

    Nepal Footy New Member

    Feb 8, 1999
    Mods: please move this thread to Asian rivalries.

    No one is arguing about the rule of the Lamas vs. China. I'm just saying the great deal of Tibetans favour their own homeland. I've yet to be in a Tibetan restaurant or handicraft store that has a Chinese flag in it.

    Nepali people are anti-Indian, so India's official stance has no influence on us. Actually Nepal's government is very pro China when it comes to Tibet. We won't even issue a visa to the Dalai Lama to enter Nepal and visit holy Buddhist sites. Having said that there are tens of thousands of Tibetans in Nepal and I have not come across a single person that is pro China.

    But since you bring it up, your argument about Tibet under the China's rule is weak. Nepal would probably be more developed nation too if China colonized us, does not mean that Nepali people would accept it. In any case Tibet is the most underdeveloped region of China and a lot of the aid it receives is due international pressure and so China can save face.
  9. chengb02

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    Oct 14, 2002
    I think this is proof we need a Chinese forum on here, this has nothing to do with Asian rivalries, Tibet is an important part of the Chinese nation and is inseperable.
  10. rkim291968

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    Oct 6, 2004
    CA, USA
    Just an observation based on my experience ...

    When I ask my Chinese friends about Taiwan, they insist that it is a Chinese territory AND says even people in Taiwan want to be part of China. When I ask my Taiwanese friends, good many of them don't want anything to do with China.
  11. chinesefootballfan

    Oct 11, 2004
    Manchester City FC
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    China PR
    There are two groups of people in Taiwan. The group that you are referring to are most likely the younger generations of Taiwanese. If you talk to the older generation of Taiwanese, you are more likely to find people that supports a unified China. This is simple, the reason is that the older generation came from mainland China. For example, the soldiers that fought under Chiang Kai-Shek during the Chinese Civil War exiled to Taiwan from mainland China. There were at least a few million of them from Mainland, a lot of them brought family members with them. Now, having said that, those older generations are dying off as they get old. The younger generations don't feel the same way.

    If anyone has studied Chinese history, you will realized that Taiwan is part of China. Anyone who ignores history and facts will think otherwise.
  12. Elninho

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    Oct 30, 2000
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    But there's a big difference between Chinese wanting unification and Taiwanese wanting unification. Sure, the mainland Chinese can say that most Taiwanese want Taiwan to be part of China, and what they're saying is probably true... but even most of the pro-unification Taiwanese will only accept unification on Taiwan's terms. That's why the armed standoff over the Taiwan Strait has gone on for so long.
  13. shenhua

    shenhua New Member

    Aug 27, 2002
    Studying history is not something the TI supporters are very proficient at. They always go back to the argument that since TW has never been part of the PRC government therefore they aren't chinese.
  14. dreamer

    dreamer Member

    Aug 4, 2004

    Taiwan's terms and the mainlands' terms don't have to differ. If cooler heads prevail, with gives and takes, a compromise could be worked out I think, especially in light of the fact that the only thing the mainland is insisting upon is "One China". The pro-unification crowd in Taiwan is likely to get pretty much anything they want from the mainland, short of a "Two Chinas". And since they're pro-unification, "Two Chinas" is not what they seek in the first place.

    Very encouraging to see three out of the four political parties in Taiwan are pro-unification now. But with Ma now the new chairman, are there going to be changes in KMT's pro-unification stance?

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