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    Upcoming attendance info based on seating map as of now:

    Houston game Sunday, August 3: all but 46 reserved seats are sold. There still are a good number of general admission seats in the North End. This is the Rose City Riveters area. I was at Providence Park today and noticed a sign saying that this area is limited to pro-Portland fans and that they will relocate fans of other teams who mistakenly end up with seats in this area. The sign also warns fans that in this area, they may need to stand the entire game in order to see.

    Seattle game Sunday, August 17: all but 100 reserved seats sold. (The number remaining is higher than earlier. They ordinarily hold out some seats with impaired sight lines, so I'm wondering if they now are selling these seats, no doubt with warnings.) Only a few general admission seats are left in the North End. I'm guessing that in addition to the Riveters, the Timbers Army is coming out in force for this game, thus virtually all GA tickets sold.
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    Congratulations to Portland Thorns fans for putting almost 20,000 in the seats yesterday. I'm a BIG fan of what your city has done for the women's game.
    As I've said before, comparing Portland's support for women's soccer and women's sports in general to other cities and areas of the country is like comparing apples and oranges. But Still amazing!

    Can't wait to make another trip to Portland and see another game whether pro or college.
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