This deserved to be read by our Hinchada Tejana

Discussion in 'Houston Supporters Clubs' started by CeltTexan, Aug 23, 2006.

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    D.C.U. has since season 1 set the standard for the relationship that is understood the world over for the pro player-die hard supporter mutual connection.

    Their Barra Brava sings is Spanish and English. They have the Championships and players to stand tall about. They have taken a Cup from a Brazilian side. It was them that I have followed closely as our nations Div-I domestic league grew year after year.

    Read here.

    Here in Houston we didn't have to try to sing in Spanish and happened cuz that's who we are as a people. I am very proud about our unique Tex-Mex history that is found in our culture. Here's to our massive success as a first year Hinchada and our quick coming together of many faces from many places.

    Y'all D.C.U. die hards are to be acknowledged by this article from Grant Wahl. But who's got the best Supporters Club in MLS??? Houston is up for the crown and we have just begun to fight!
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    That was a good read, I think we've gotten off to a good start and it's only going to get better with time.

    The article also made a good point about scouting South America for young talent that can help a team, it seemed kind of just thrown in there but was worth reading anyway.
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    I liked the part about the mosh pit at half time... One day - soon! - we will have the numbers to that as well.
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    We can beat them! lol

    We are from Texas and they are from the north....they are born to be outdone by Texans along with FU Dallas!

    I can only pray and wait till we have 200 members strong at a game...lthey will talk about that through the ages!
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    we have plenty more than 200 sir, that's people that were there tailgating few hours before game while Grant was hanging out ;)

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