There is determenation in Middle East...

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    Pakistan atomic expert has cancer
    I probably should've posted this sooner but time has past. Here is a quote and it is funny. What is said?
    Many Pakistanis appreciate his role in developing the country's nuclear arsenal and helping to counter the threat from their nuclear neighbour, India. The United States and many other countries believe Dr Khan was a rogue nuclear scientist, who used his position to set up an international proliferation network.
    Pretty demanding but from only those willing to ink it. I also read in one hot link on the side stories. The CIA request him to be released from the government's prison system. The government did this. So that might be why a rogue title applies. Lets face it. Many government oficals like to protect thier political heavels.
    Again for power I see no threat outside of poor maintenance issues. That probably isn't case. Anyhow any body want to run with this thing and discuss other possibilites of amibitions. Feel free.

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