Theirry Henry snubs Man City for New York...

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by Che chico!, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. SlowFox

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    Aug 16, 1999
    +1. Couldn't (and haven't) said it better myself. Just look at the boards after the last RB loss. Believe me, you'll get whiplash reading posts here if Richie gets the job and we go on a losing streak.

    I like Richie, as a layman I think he's ready to coach and I wish him well and a coaching position in MLS. I want Richie to be our coach if and only if we get a competent SD/TD (a BIG if) and he wants him to be our coach. I respect the opinions of people on these boards about Richie's prowess but those opinions (like mine) are completely subjective, about how he instills this or brings out that, and they will vanish into the ether at the first sign of a pattern of poor performance by the team next year.

    Otherwise we're just repeating the mistakes of the past and we shouldn't complain if we get those same results.
  2. metz

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    Jan 17, 2003
    What I criticise and don't accept is the failure of those people that bring a ultra pedigrees from over seas and promise to be our saviours, only to fail one and one more time again and again, Richie is a MLS and USA product and he, if he come back as our coach next year, we must understand that he is coming to learn together with the team, the only we know for him is that he is capable to learn and teach and applied what he learn, and I'm sure that the fan are ready to give him his time if not, just let him go, I'm sure he will find some another place to work....

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