The wonders of Ukrainian football...

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    Here's an email my friend from Lviv sent me, he's not great in English, but pretty good for someone who doesn't speak the language consistently.

    The last news about Karpaty - president of FC Zakarpatie, which won 14
    place in High League and so lef there) made a propose to FC Kaprpaty to
    bye a place in
    League, because FC Z. have not enough money, but our pres. sayd that
    we do not have as well. :( He sayd it like this "we want to fight our
    place in honour fighting..." but then he replied "we're now prepairing
    for a new season, but at this momen we haven't money to play friendly
    matches with some Europians teams, which were proposing it to us". Well
    you may make a conclusion that FC Karpaty are poor, but here's another
    words from him " we now planning to bye about 10 player from different
    clubs of ukrainian High League"... so they have money but they don't
    have money. Greedy mother fvcker!
    President of FC K is the richest man
    in West-Ukrainian Region."

    Only in Ukraine can a club buy another club's place in the premier league.
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    why was the Ukranian Youthteam coach acting so extreme? are all Ukranian coaches like this :confused:
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    portista, are you Ukranian? :rolleyes:

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