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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Foosinho, Dec 4, 2004.

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    OK, so I've finally gotten my new webserver up and running. RedHat 9 to replace an old W2K box that was running Apache. Oy.

    A few tips for other linux rookies.

    1) Get apt installed. apt-get is your friend. Get it configured for a local RPM repository, so you can download rpms, stick 'em in your local repository, and do an "apt-get install [package]". So very very sweet.

    2) Have some frickin' patience. It took me a long time to get PHP compiled with the GD library and JPEG support. "--with-jpeg" is often not sufficient, sadly. It'll make, but your PHP scripts that do JPEG manipulation will crash.

    3) Porting files from another machine suxors. Especially if you are porting from Windows - all your paths belong to W2K, and it takes some time to edit all those files to the entirely more sane linux directory structure. ("C:"? "D:"? What idiot thought that up? Unified file systems RULE!)

    That said, things are coming along nicely. With the exception of the HPI torrent tracker (which is still on the old machine), everything is changed over. As soon as I get a Bittorrent tracker installed, I can try porting the ugly-ass HPI code over.

    Then... email. Which will suck more, because I'm using a closed-source freeware email solution on W2K. Don't think those config files are going to smoothly plug into postfix. :(

    BTW, Samba rocks. I've got a nice PDC set up that my desktop logs in to, and since "My Documents" is on the shared drive, those files are a) also available when I log into the wireless laptop, and b) will be automagically backed up once I get the old server cleared off and converted into a backup server.

    I may have to write up a "kickass LAN configuration guide" once I finish this bad boy up. I'm all set up for adding additional Windows desktops and immediately having roving profiles.
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    Aug 4, 2004
    Sounds like you're all set to host a competing website of BigSoccer.


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