The Road to January 1st

Discussion in 'West Ham United' started by harkes6, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Since no one is taking up the mantel of provocateur extraordinaire I thought I'd lend a hand. I'm even using capital letters to look more professional. Currently we stand second from bottom with 5 points from 8 games and 9 goals scored. Our schedule from now to January is:

    Man U
    @Tottenham (just two days after the Portsmouth game. Thanks schedulers!)

    Portsmouth are below us, even with a game advantage and Hull and Birmingham are just ahead. If the squad doesn't make a move in the back half of those fixtures it could be a very cold, dark January. Would investors want the team then with relegation looming? Would they hold off until after the season, after all of the star players leave or are poached to buy on the cheap?

    Of those twelve games I think four are winnable (Hull, B-ham, Burnley and Portsmouth) and we could scrape points against the Sunderlands and Boltons of the world. A lack of creativity is really killing us against opposition and if we can win the games we *should* (should being a very relative term) win and draw where we can, we'd be looking at about 12-15 points from this run, I'd think.

    17-20 points would just barely keep us above water after 20 games, either out of relegation zone, or within touching distance to safety. We simply cannot let teams like Stoke (and the previous six I mentioned) take points from us. We need to beat them at home and at least draw on the road.
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    I think we'll have 12 points by christmas and double that by the end of January.
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    We will turn things around. If we get a point or win against Sunderland, Aston Villa or Everton then things will be ok, we will soon get up the table. But only mid table, the Europa league is a bit to far away, for now. If we get bought by some millionaire then we will improve our squad, if no one buys us by January then expect bloody Spurs to be after our players...again....happens every season! Why can't they have some bad form!

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