The questions US Soccer media needs to ask

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    As I was up sick this morning (no Covid, thank goodness), I thought of some questions US Soccer media needs to be asking. Unfortunately, the media circle around the sport is small and friendly, so I'm sure those who should be asking (Paul Tenorio, Sam Stejskal, Jason Davis, Grant Wahl, Jeff Carlisle, etc.) won't ask these. They understand that crossing the Fed means losing souces and access, so they won't ask these. But they should. Feel free to add those questions you'd want to ask.

    1) Why can’t Christian Pulisic ever get the ball facing goal and in space? He’s your best attacker, and he always has to drop deep with his back to goal to get the ball.

    2) Why did you select six center backs if you were never going to play three in the back?

    3) How can you continue to make the striker position so irrelevant?

    4) Everything you did this summer was allegedly about building depth. So why do you never make a tactical sub until there’s no time for the subs to actually make an impact on the game?
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    My biggest question is WHO IS GOING TO SCORE GOALS FOR THIS SIDE????

    Also, do you think a 3 man midfield v a 5 man midfield (and a 4 man backline) is a good idea?
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