"The Poor" in america: Suffering Horribly?

Discussion in 'Bill Archer's Guestbook' started by Bill Archer, Aug 28, 2007.

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    We all know the answer to that one, don't we?

    Despite liars like John Edwards preaching to us about the horrid, grinding poverty millions of Americans live under, 80% of the "poor" have air conditioning. Most have cable TV.

    We ain't talking Bangladesh here. The left has such a profound misunderstanding of what being poor is, that it's almost as if - is it possible? - they really don't WANT to know the truth.

    My personal postion on all of this has been the same for a long, long time:

    Being poor sucks. Being poor is SUPPOSED to suck. If being poor doesn't suck then there's not a lot of incentive to work your ass off to get UN poor.

    America is about the OPPORTUNITY to make yourself UN poor, and virtually anyone can do it if they wan to.

    America is NOT about everyone getting he same stuff regardless of whether they earned it. That's called socialism.

    Some people went to school, did their hoework, worked hard, made something of themselves and reaped some material benefits from it.

    Other people dropped out of school, had a bunch of babies, hung around doing menial jobs or no jobs at all and bitch about how other people have more than they do.

    The Democrat party says to these people: "Vote for us, and we'll take stuff away from those people who worked hard to do the right thing and give it to you"

    They call this "fairness"

    Conservatism at it's most basic is about getting the government off your back and letting you become whatever you have the determination to become. Government is not, has never been, will never be, a positive part of the equation.

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    We had one color TV and one B&W. Apparently I grew up poor and didn’t know it.
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    I agree fully here Bill; the poor in America are suffering horribly... just examine the case of the Paws, a poor San Franciscan family who live near the airport... they are stuggling to make ends meet all the while donating $45,000 to Hillary Clinton's campaign, coincidently on same day as rich businessman Norman Hsu ... This story is so heart rendering it makes me cry... I just can't take it... Oh the agony....
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    Really? :D

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