The Osama - CIA Myth

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    This is one of Michale Moore's favoites: that the US "created" OBL, giving him guns, money, etc.

    And like most of what Moore says. it's a complete lie.

    Bin Laden himself has repeatedly denied that he received any American support. “Personally neither I nor my brothers saw any evidence of American help,” bin Laden told British journalist Robert Fisk (search) in 1993. In 1996, Mr. Fisk interviewed bin Laden again. The arch-terrorist was equally adamant: “We were never, at any time, friends of the Americans. We knew that the Americans supported the Jews in Palestine and that they are our enemies.”,2933,98115,00.html

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    [channeling Moore]
    Bill, read the quote in the article:

    When the Saudis agreed to match U.S. contributions dollar-for-dollar, the sheikhs insisted that their funds go exclusively to the “Arab Afghans,” possibly including bin Laden.

    If we would not have given money to the Mujahideen, the Saudis would not have matched dollar for dollar to the Muslim extremists. Therefore, it is America's fault that any money at all was given to the Arab Afghans!

    [done channeling the fat one]

    Wow, I wonder if John Edwards ever feels this dirty after he channels the dead?

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