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Discussion in 'Women's International' started by Bauser, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Dec 26, 2007
    Not sure what it is about the Western clubs but inconsistency is a bit of a theme.

    I think you nailed it earlier, they have the players to make a serious title run if they can find consistency. Which is going to be hard with so many quality teams and no guaranteed three points this year.

    There are too many good teams not to have a tight race for medals again this year, but the more exciting part may be who survives the drop and who doesn't.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    The draw for the European groups in the World Cup 2023 qualifiers were held today:

    Norway in group with Belgium, Poland, Albania, Kosovo and Armenia.

    First impression? A fairly tough group compared to most of the others. Belgium were the best ranked team from pot 2, just like the Netherlands were when we drew them in the qualifiers to the last World Cup. But the comparison stops there. :coffee: Norway beat Belgium in Brussels with an experimental line-up a few weeks ago. Belgium have had some problems in recent friendlies and might not be as strong as they were one or two years ago. I personally think Iceland would have been a tougher draw for Norway from that pot.

    The mixed quality of pot 3 practically decides whether a group is tough or not, so Poland was not a good draw from that pot. I feel they are a bit on the rise with some players based in strong clubs around Europe. I wanted to avoid them and the Czechs. These qualifiers are all about escaping traps, do the job and Norway have been pretty good at it over the years. I know very little about Albania, Kosovo and Armenia.

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Nat'l Team:
    I agree that, as far as pot 2 and pot 3 teams go, it's a quite though group. Italy, for instance, was much more lucky and had a pretty "easy" group. I agree that pot 3 was the one with the wildest differences in power, thus the one "defining" the groups.

    All that said and done, I guess Norway should manage to top the group anyway, despite the fact that it could be possibly one of the toughest ones (along with Group C, sporting Netherlands, Iceland and Czech Republic).

    All teams from pot 4 and below are barely relevant: they could be there or not, but nothing should really change.
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    Oct 11, 2019
    Spain and Netherlands have an easy group.
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    Mar 31, 2017
    I see it this way:
    Difficulty (primarily looking at the top three teams):
    Toughest: Norway, followed by Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, England and France
    Easiest: Germany
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    All Toppserien teams were involved in friendlies on May Day.

    Arna-Bjørnar 2 – 1 Klepp
    0-1 Emma Braut Brunes 3
    1-1 Emelie Lövgren 5
    2-1 Martine Midtbø 35

    Stabæk 2 – 1 Øvrevoll Hosle
    1-0 Louise Normann 4
    2-0 Thea Loennecken 17
    2-1 Julie Støstad 71

    Røa 3 – 4 Kolbotn
    1-0 Ragne Svastuen 14
    1-1 Ingrid Kvernvolden 32
    2-1 Ragne Svastuen 47
    2-2 Julie Hoff Klæboe 53
    3-2 Oline Fuglem 59
    3-3 Eline Hegg 60
    3-4 Julie Hoff Klæboe 83

    LSK Kvinner 1 – 3 Rosenborg
    1-0 Emilie Haavi 7
    1-1 Elin Sørum 35
    1-2 Julie Blakstad 63
    1-3 Emilie Lein 76

    Vålerenga 3 – 1 Lyn
    1-0 Amanda Andradottir 8
    2-0 Synne Jensen 22
    2-1 Emma Iversen 69 (o.g.)
    3-1 Mari Nyhagen 85

    Avaldsnes 2 – 3 Sandviken
    0-1 Elisabeth Terland 10
    0-2 Maria Brochmann 31
    1-2 Olaug Tvedten 58
    1-3 Rakel Engesvik 85
    2-3 Olaug Tvedten 88
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Exciting news. Haugesunds Avis reports that Avaldsnes are in talks with Viking FK from Stavanger, one of the biggest clubs in Norway, with a fusion in sight from 2022. Avaldsnes have for long been at loggerheads with neighbouring club FK Haugesund (elite men's club) without getting anywhere regarding a merge or use of stadium facilities etc.

    Club boss Arne Utvik understands his Avaldsnes project in its current shape has reached its potential, and is looking for solutions to stay competitive. If everything goes according to plan, Viking can take over Avaldsnes' spot in Toppserien already from next year.

    Current home stadium:


    Possible new home stadium:

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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Australian goalkeeper Teagan Micah has returned to Bergen and signed for Sandviken. She was excellent for Arna Bjørnar last year.

    Several bookies are now having Sandviken as the odds favourites to win their first ever Toppserien title after their strong transfer window. (I still fancy Vålerenga to defend their crown).

    Norsk Tipping:
    2.25 - Sandviken
    2.75 - Vålerenga
    3.00 - Rosenborg
    6.00 - LSK Kvinner
    25.00 - Avaldsnes
    50.00 - Kolbotn
    50.00 - Arna Bjørnar
    75.00 - Lyn
    75.00 - Stabæk
    100.00 - Klepp

    2.20 - Sandviken
    2.45 - Vålerenga
    5.00 - LSK Kvinner
    6.50 - Rosenborg
    20.00 - Avaldsnes
    50.00 - Kolbotn
    125.00 - Arna Bjørnar
    150.00 - Stabæk
    175.00 - Klepp
    200.00 - Lyn

    A few friendlies played on Wednesday:

    Arna Bjørnar 0 - 2 Rosenborg
    0-1 Ina Vårhus 3
    0-2 Elin Sørum 22 (pen)

    Lyn 2 - 0 Hønefoss
    1-0 Julie Jorde 15
    2-0 Kamilla Melgård 31

    Stabæk 5 - 1 Grei
    1-0 Maren Thoresen 39
    2-0 Zara Jönsson 43
    3-0 Melissa Bjånesøy 49
    4-0 Maren Thoresen 52
    5-0 Linn Huseby 64
    5-1 (unknown scorer)

    Avaldsnes 2 - 2 Åsane
    1-0 Malin Johannessen 57
    2-0 Victoria Sørensen 62
    2-1 Hedda Øvreberg 87
    2-2 Dina Dale 90
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    Oct 11, 2019
    Think they have a high chance of winning it?
  10. Bauser

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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Absolutely, but my gut feeling says no. Despite some strong signings in defence and midfield, Sandviken haven't signed a new proven goalscorer. Their top scorer last season, Kennya Cordner, scored only five goals, is injury-prone and now 32 y/o. Maria Brochmann has shown promising goal-scoring form in the warm-up matches so far though. I think Vålerenga and Rosenborg will make their big signings later this year before the UWCL qualifiers begin, and then be better equipped for the last half of the season. I think Sandviken might finish third.

    I posted my season table prediction for 2020 back on page 74 on this thread, but never confronted it against the outcome. Funny to see how it turned out in the end:

    My prediction ----------- Actual final table
    LSK Kvinner ............... Vålerenga
    Vålerenga .................. Rosenborg
    Sandviken .................. Avaldsnes
    Arna Bjørnar .............. Sandviken
    Rosenborg ................ LSK Kvinner
    Klepp ........................ Lyn
    Avaldsnes ................. Klepp
    Røa ........................... Arna Bjørnar
    Kolbotn ..................... Kolbotn
    Lyn ............................ Røa

    What a crazy season it was. I had LSK on top and Lyn at the bottom and they ended up being neighbours mid-table. :laugh:

    The championship was decided by goal difference. Winners Vålerenga dropped points against five different clubs. Rosenborg went unbeaten and still didn't win because they drew against SEVEN different clubs including twice against Vålerenga. Examining the team squads for 2021, I'm just as confused now as before last season. I think we'll see a tight and unpredictable season again.

    Where I put my two cents now: Vålerenga (my winner), Rosenborg, Sandviken, LSK and Avaldsnes to battle for title and UWCL spots. Arna Bjørnar, Kolbotn, Stabæk, Lyn and Klepp to avoid relegation.
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