The MLS Marketing on? If not, what should it be?

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Mel Brennan, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Apr 8, 2002
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    IMHO, the Marketing Message, whatever it is (I can't remember the last time I saw an MLS commercial outside of an MLS broadcast) has failed.

    MLS has to have BALLS enough to put the following message out there: that it is without question on par with the other "Division 1" national leagues out there (Premiership, La Liga, Serie A, etc.), even if, as we all know, it is not; that it is possessed of skilled athletes who appreciate their place in the world; that MLS championships means something, MLS is part of a larger, global soccer experience that can be best had through MLS...

    Spreading that set of messages among most "casual" fans, not unlike the kind I saw tonight at Giants Stadium for Real v Roma, will positively affect their relative embrace of the product. If MLS doesn't have the courage to say its good, and say it with a little bit of attitude, who else will?

    It of course will come down to money, but in this case you've got to spend some to make some...the message of this league is simply not getting out there...In 2000, $54 billion was spent in braodcast advertising (Bradcast and Cable 2001); with that many messages out there, MLS has got to find ways to compete harder, and more boldly, IMHO, for folks attention, and for an opportunity to shape the message and impression they get of MLS...

    Your thoughts?
  2. jmeissen0

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    Mar 31, 2001
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    you aren't drawing any parralells with the wnba, are you?

    you might want to
  3. the cup

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    Jul 10, 2002
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    I think they could promote the fact that the league has shown we are just as good if not better than the other leagues throughout the Americas. They could show LA winning the 2000 Champions Cup and DC winning the 98 Champions Cup. Or even more show DC winning the 98 Intercontinental Cup. I think very few people even know they beat the best team South America could throw at us.
  4. Paul Nasta

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    Oct 16, 2001
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    I agree that MLS should be bolder and more aggressive in its marketing. I don't know if claiming that MLS is as good as the EPL or Serie A would work, and it might backfire by reinforcing the perception held by some that MLS is a joke.

    MLS should run a Super Bowl ad. It's an event watched by most hard-core soccer fans, most casual soccer fans, and just about anyone else who might be inclined to buy a ticket to an MLS game. Such an ad would do more in 30 seconds to raise the visibility of the league than has been done in 7 years. The commercial itself would probably get more media coverage than most MLS games. Yeah, it would be expensive, and I know its not my money, but it seems to me that a Super Bowl ad would do more for the league than 50 "Strike Force" commercials.
  5. The Cadaver

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    And it would probably cost 1,000 times what one "Strike Force" ad does.
  6. kenntomasch

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    More than $2 million just for the :30 airtime in the last Super Bowl.
  7. cpwilson80

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    It also takes $350,000 on average to produce a :30 second commercial. As this is the Super Bowl and most companies will want their commercial to avoid the "Flaming Piece of Crap" pile in the reviews the next day, I'm guessing it's probably closer to $500,000.

    I'd rather see $2.5 million put into any of the following:
    -Lobbying for a new stadium somewhere
    -Development of a weekly highlight show
    -Research into starting reserve/ youth teams
    -Fan appreciation promos for the teams

    You're on to the right idea though: MLS needs to market outside the soccer fan niche. Giving the league a more legit view in the general sports community may be what is needed to drive more casual soccer fans to the game.
  8. rojojova

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    Mar 7, 2001
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    You make some good points. The MLS can't afford to use traditional media outlets (regular TV spots...) because the media costs are just too great. I think a well produced tv show would be a great idea, although I'm not sure how they go about doing it.

    When the NBA was first being marketed in Europe they did some pretty cool things. They created this fictional character (I think they called him Skidmarkz) that would go around and spray paint signs that would basically talk ************ about the players "he" did not like... for example "Gary Payton couldn't guard my mother. Love, Skidmarkz"
    They did loads of little guerilla type things and people became very intrigued as noone knew where they were coming from. It garnered lots of free publicity from the press.
    Sometimes companies have to think less traditionally and more creatively to really get their message out there.
    Lord, with the way we here at big soccer can mobilize to stuff anti-soccer polls, If I was at the MLS I'd be figuring out ways to use us to spread their message. They could send me a cool quicktime file of a great play or a funny commercial, and I'd send it to everyone I know. Free media.
  9. todda74

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    Nov 4, 2001
    there are some good points brought up here.
    Going with this year's WC and the Strike Force "mission accomplished" commercial they should have a commercial that talks about the quality of soccer played in MLS. One complaint from non-soccer fans is that MLS does not have the best players in the World. True, but that isn't fiscally possible for the league so they should highlight the level of play in the league.
    Though I would rather see US players than buying the top Internationals anyway.
    But the best investment the league can make is Soccer specific stadia, period. If they get that done the rest will follow.
  10. kenntomasch

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    There is a marketing theory, which has been used to some success and is subscribed to by many, which says, basically, "Identify who your current customers are, then go find a whole lot more people who look exactly like them."

    Point being that you get better results, in this theory, and a more efficient use of resources, if you go after more people like the ones who have proven they have an interest in your product and go after fewer people like the ones who have already proven they're indifferent at best. Especially if you have relatively limited resources, as MLS does.
  11. whip

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    Aug 5, 2000
    Soccer need to shake that recreational mentality

    I do not know what it is, is the soccer commnu ity DUMB, SHY, BASHFULL, PENDEJOS ? But there was a rumor that USSF was trying to do the WOMEN SOCCER WORLD CUP GAMES on HIGH SCHOOL STADIUMS, 7 ELEVEN backyards GOD now where, but thanks the LORD somebody have faith and the rest is history WOMEN WORLD CUP WAS A SUCCESS, The same is happening with MLS, SOMEBODY NEED TO GET BOLD, CRAZY, or whatever it takes, MLS reserve teams, a good IDEA is the easiest way to look at young players, MLS need at least TWO DOZENS of Donovans, Twellmans, Beasley. they need to be bold next season and DISMATLE THE COACH CARROUSEL AND PUT IT ON A 'GARAGE SALE"
  12. empennage

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    Jan 4, 2001
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    Re: Soccer need to shake that recreational mentality

    I thought it was FIFA that wanted small stadiums for the WWC, and the USSF convinced FIFA that they could sell out big stadiums.
  13. feuerfex

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    Apr 21, 2001
    Re: Re: Soccer need to shake that recreational mentality

  14. kenntomasch

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    Sep 2, 1999
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    Re: Re: Soccer need to shake that recreational mentality

    Don't stop him, he's on a roll. ;)

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