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Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by BridgeMonkee, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. BridgeMonkee

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    Jul 25, 2002
    Chelsea FC
    As you may all now be aware I'm currently obsessed with the Chelsea midfield and the lack of depth, etc.


    8 Frank Lampard
    11 Boudewijn Zenden
    12 Mario Stanic
    17 Emmanuel Petit
    20 Jody Morris
    21 Enrique De Lucas
    30 Jesper Gronkjaer
    36 Joe Keenan

    Possible mids:
    14 Graeme Le Saux
    15 Mario Melchiot

    Oliviera as also been playing behind the front two for the reserves. Has to be an option - bring him on this role as a sub maybe?

    What are your thought on the middle lads?

    we curently play 4 across with 2 wingers - and I do prefer that to 3-5-2 to be honest.
    But should we go flatter and play with only ONE winger?
    Zenden switching sides. Morris alongside Petit and Lampard further forward?

    We need to sort it out as
    (i) There wil be injuries to our midfield squad
    (ii) the strikers are NOT getting enough service for the full 90 mins at present

    Maybe we start with wingers like so....

    De Lucas---------Petit------Lampard-----Zenden

    and then pull them off and put on and play like so

  2. mst77

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    Jul 10, 2002
    works for me

    anything has to be better than the crap I saw in the 2nd half on Sunday. Maybe instead of using 2 subs we could just pull EDL off for Morris/Keenan and use Zenden to rove both flanks and behind the strikers. That's if the pansy little girl can play more than 70 minutes...

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