The Lost Few

Discussion in 'Germany: National Teams' started by prymetyme, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. prymetyme

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    Aug 20, 2005
    Everyone go back to March of 2006, before the WM, before we all loved Klinsmann, before we saw Germany's attacking style work, and before anyone was called crazy for critisizing Klinsi's moves. Everyone remember Grinsi Klinsi?

    We all were frightened for our defence and were wondering when the Klinsmann/Wörns feud would end. Well it didnt and now there both gone, it looks as though Klinsi wont be coming back any time soon, but Wörns is still here. Should he be put back on the squad?

    Kevin Kuranyi was suprising left of the 2006 squad as well, should he be put back on as well?

    These two players certainly had there times when they shined, and especially in Wörns case times when Bild made them seem like the scum of the earth.

    Should or will Loew put these two players back on the squad? If you think so who does he take off, and who starts and who doesnt?
  2. The Old Lady Hertha

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    Woerns should be called back as a sub. I think that Nowotny was good against Sweden, but even you and me could have stopped their offense and we're not so fit :p Woerns can be a capable backup CB, at least for a little while...but his age will be a deterrent and I doubt he will be in the mix for the Euro 2008.

    Kevin Kuranyi if he ever found form SHOULD be our #3 striker. He has plenty of ability, more than Hanke and Kiessling IMHO. With Neuville about to head into the waning years of his career, we need a new supersub, and Kevin Kuranyi has the ability. He just needs confidence to do it. He's shown he can score in the NT. But right now, he's behind Kiessling now if I were Loew(who also had done virtually nothing so far this season).

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