The Long Shadow of Jim Crow: Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America Today

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    ...the scope of such efforts during the past two decades is startling. Based primarily on reports gleaned from newspapers across the nation, there have been documented instances of the following:

    Challenges and threats against individual voters at the polls by armed private guards, off-duty law enforcement officers, local creditors, fake poll monitors, and poll workers and managers.

    Signs posted at the polling place warning of penalties for “voter fraud” or “non-citizen” voting, or illegally urging support for a candidate.

    Poll workers “helping” voters fill out their ballots, and instructing them on how to vote.

    Criminal tampering with voter registration rolls and records.

    Flyers and radio ads containing false information about where, when and how to vote, voter eligibility, and the false threat of penalties.

    Internal memos from party officials in which the explicit goal of suppressing black voter turnout is outlined.

    A Republican effort in New Jersey in 1981 provided a model that was repeated across the country in the last two decades. The Republican National Committee and the New Jersey Republican State Committee engaged in a “concerted effort to threaten and harass black and Hispanic voters”2 via a “ballot security” effort. It involved widespread challenging of individual voters and an Election Day presence at African American and Latino precincts featuring armed guards and dire warnings of criminal penalties for voting offenses. A legal challenge eventually led to a court order and an agreement by the GOP groups not to employ such intimidation tactics.

    But such tactics persist...

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