The Kizomba Thread (Dancing to the Angolan Beat in a Stadium Near U)

Discussion in 'Africa' started by BlackLion, Jan 4, 2006.

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    This is the official Angolan support thread up in here...Rite now we are concentrating all our efforts on having a memorable Cup of Nations. If u have any info, video, or piece of news concerning the Angolan game, this is the place to put it. Wake up all ye Angola faithful!

    wer currently in a training camp im Marbella, Spain, gearing up for the African Cup. So far we played 3 games:

    Angola 5-1 Marbella
    Angola 1-1 Malaga
    and on the same day,
    Angola 0-1 Real Jaen (yea, inexplicable loss, but it was our second game in the same day, and Jaen's city festivities, so we didnt really wanna spoil their party, we like parties ourselves. Bsides, they dont sell fuba in Spain, so u no...)

    I think on the 11 or 12 we play either Paraguay or Uruguay, and somtime before the 15 wel play Hertha Berlin, Bayer Leverkussen, and some other German team. Watch and learn, my friends, watch and learn.

    Some good websites:
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