The head of PAS speaks on the season.

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    Aug 7, 2001
    The head of PAS speaks on the upcomming season.

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    Homayoon Shahrohki, the head coach of Pas of Tehran, is trying very hard these days to attract highly exprienced players to his club and challenge the Professional League more strongly in the new season. He spoke in this regard, "The separation of players like Aghajanian, Karami, Rabiei, Yousefi, Garoosi and Benfiri is certain in the new season. No new players have joined Pas for the new season so far."

    "The reason for the imbalance and bad play in the team last season was the younger players of the team. Having beaten good teams, the younger boys became over proud and lost to the weaker teams. The fact that the younger players did not have much experience was another reason for the weak performance of the club. We are now trying harder to give them the necessary readiness for the new season."

    "We will have 7 or 8 preparatory matches before the beginning of the new season. We appreciate the fact that the Football Federation began the Professional League. This brought a change in the way of thinking of the various clubs in the country and they have begun to change their methods. Now the matches have to become organized and be played on a specific schedule."

    "The young referees of the league have shown strong enough motivation to make it a good season. We had a good league last season but there were faults too, which is natural. The condition of the pitches was the biggest problem. It had a negative effect on the players and the matches."

    "To have a better league and season we must forget our individual tendencies and cooperate more. In teamwork situations and specifically football, a single person cannot make the difference. Everyone must help including the people, the media and the football federation officials."

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