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    English website has an article on her, connecting it to the Right wing's hunger for celebrity:

    . . . nonetheless there Naomi Seibt was, at CPAC, in The Guardian and also on Fox News, where she was interviewed by Dana Perino, Bush’s ex-press secretary. I saw a slightly awkward yet highly articulate teenager, speaking excellent English, who was repeating things she had heard from adults, while being condescended to by an adult. So maybe she really was like Greta Thunberg.

    But as the interview continued, I felt the same way I do when I see Thunberg: concerned that this type of exposure is not good for a vulnerable young person. I thought about the insults lobbed at Thunberg, and worried that Naomi Seibt would become the target of unhinged Twitter shitheads who would see it as their divine mission to destroy her life.

    May Naomi’s brush with the limelight be brief, and may she return to a normal life in whichever German town it is she inhabits. Yet even if she does, the apparent craving of the folks at CPAC for a Greta of their very own, only saying the opposite things, is striking. It was the Right, after all, that produced the first movie star president and the first reality TV show president.As much as they deride Hollywood liberals, so too there is a not so secret yearning that hopelessly uninformed celebs will one day mouth their platitudes instead.

    This schizophrenic attitude was perfectly encapsulated by Big Hollywood, a site started by Andrew Breitbart which has since been subsumed into the site that bears his name. Breitbart had worked on the Huffington Post and wanted to create a conservative version, where hitherto closeted Right-wingers in Hollywood could post blogs and begin a cultural revolution.

    But it was difficult to get famous Right-wingers to blog, so mostly you got articles attacking Hollywood liberals for their vacuous political statements, while the vacuous statements of Jon Voight, the co-star of Midnight Cowboy father of Angelina Jolie, were quoted again and again as if he were a conservative oracle.

    Another problem is that since openly conservative celebrities are so thin on the ground, when they beclown themselves, there is nowhere else to go.{/indent]​
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    Kind of older news, but put on a chart.

    The simplest and cheapest way to replace nuclear power, is by burning coal.

    Japan is going backwards.

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    The Artic is hotter than Miami....

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    It's summer, of course it is warmer (using the Jim Inhofe "Climate change is a hoax because I could make a snowball in January in Washington DC" line of il-'logic')
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    I don't know if people follow this guy, (unless they're fans of red dwarf, maybe not), but Robert Llewelyn, (AKA Kryten), has a series on the web called 'Fully Charged' about electric vehicles which seems pertinent and this caught my eye...

    If UPS have order 10,000 from a company that's only 5 years old that might make other delivery companies pay attention.

    But the other thing is that, tbh, this seems like an updated version of the old milk floats which delivered milk, (among other regular staples), to people's doors over here for decades, starting in the 30's.

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    Because there were 20 other controversies yesterday, nobody noticed that the president of the United States said that global warming is no big deal, somewhere down below nuclear disarmament with Russia.
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    Humans are awful stewards of Earth, who ever picked us to have that job is moron.


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