The (Donovan) Ricketts Scale

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    The Richter Scale presents a logarithmic measure of an earthquake's power.

    The (Donovan) Ricketts Scale is not logarithmic, but multiplicative, measuring the magnitude of a goalkeeper's Hero-Goat Factor (or HGF) in a single game.

    HGF = Hardest Save (0-10 scale, 10 being the greatest save) x Softest Goal (0-10, 10 being the worst miscue) scale

    Or, more compactly:

    HGF = HS x SG

    A low score is desired, but note that The (Donovan) Ricketts Scale does not correlate with goodness of game. One might earn a 0 by making no saves while allowing myriad soft goals.

    In Kasey Keller's epic 1-0 win (hail Preki!) over Brazil, his HGF would be a desirable 0: HS = 9.0 (just guessing, didn't see the game), SG = 0, HGF = 0.

    In the recent USA-Jamaica match, Ricketts' HGF, on the other hand, would have been reasonably high: HS = 8.0 (on Albright's low header), SG = 7.0 (Olsen, of course), HGF = 56.0.

    To earn a "perfect" 100, a keeper would need a stop on the order of Oliver Kahn's reaction save on Eddie Johnson in the recent US-Germany friendly (suggestions for other "10" saves welcome--perhaps the importance of game also needs to be factored in) coupled with a dribbler through the legs.
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