The dangers of taking a point

Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by Clan, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Clan

    Clan Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    A point is bad?

    Depends on how you look at it i think.And for the record i think too many Chelsea fans are taking it the wrong way these days.
    A draw is not a good result.

    Sure you can argue that we were played off the park and blah blah blah balh, lucky to get a point, better than nothing etc etc etc.

    Thing of it is we need to be wining games, not drawing them.
    Lets take the Leeds lot forinstance.Beaten at home already and made look foolish by a so-so team.
    But, they are ahead of us in the point standings as they have 2 wins and NO draws.
    A draw somehow masks a dire performance and gives the players a bit of relief from an abysmal performance, makes people happy and comments of "at least it's something" abound.

    What we need is for the players to feel bad about it.Get the bad feelings that come with NOT WINING.We ned them to think that they let themselves and the team and fans down with failure to secure three points, not have them console themselves with feelings of " well we did get a point"That is what makes a team capable of wining the title.

    It's not the fact that we drew against Southampton thats bad, it's the fact the we failed.As in failed to take all three points.
    We drew far to many games last season and in the end it cost us a champions league place.

    It's a very European/continental way of thinking, that being that a draw is not a bad result.Especially when playing away from home.
    But it is and that feeling has been around at the bridge for quite some time now.

    The coach and several of the players are quite pleased with themselves for "earning" a point wednesday night.
    Wrong way to look at it.

    We lost wednesday night.

    And untill the players that are at Chelsea think that way we will not beat out Manchester and Arsenal.
  2. BridgeMonkee

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    Jul 25, 2002
    Chelsea FC
    Good Point Clan

    However, Last season we lost at the dell I thikn? -not sure, too lazy to check, and this year we got a point.
    Last year, we lost at home to man yoo, it was awful, I was there :( this year we got a point
    Last year we lost to Charlton, this year we got all 3 points.
    So, as a sensible lad suggested, its a marathon and not a sprint and so far our results this season have been marginally better - on paper of course.
    Off paper...the same old malaise seems to still be there. We (the fans) would love a winning streak.
    At present we seem to lack some character
    Apart from a few
    Remember the days of Wise, Poyet and DiMatteo?
    Players who were committed to the Chelsea cause
  3. Clan

    Clan Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Thats my point exactly monkee..those lads wern't happy with a draw and busted a gut trying to win.And would yell and scream at team mates that wouldn't hustle a lil to get to the ball to get it in the box, even if there was only 15 seconds left.

    Lumpy is the only one that is playing that way and i don;t think it's a coincidence that he's home grown.
    We beat the saints 0-2 last season at the dell...or st Marys..last season BTW.

    We are going to lose games, most likely between 5 and 10 this season i would guess (hope it's on the low side)
    It's the amount of draws that we get that will determin where we go with regards to Europe via the league next season.

    I just don't see a commited attitude to get that win yet.
    Like you said though, early times yet, but still i think it's just more of the same ol same ol from them.
  4. BridgeMonkee

    BridgeMonkee BigSoccer Supporter

    Jul 25, 2002
    Chelsea FC
    Catch a Fire

    Agreed. We need a spark, in the middle of the park, Lumpy can't do it all by himself.
    Radio, Wisey, DiMatteo you just got the feeling they liked each other and enjoyed playing together.
    Team spirut.
    I think Petit is a better player, a more intelligent player, but he seems more aloof and he doesn't seem to smile a lot or get excited by much.
    Is that important? Well, yes.
    We need a player whos gonna raise the spirit -Like Wisey did, Like Zola did when he joined us, move us up a gear. Bring out the best in the players around him.
    Maybe Petit has it in him, we didn't see enough of him last season anyways. Maybe on sunday, he'll score the winner and deck Viera in a fist fight?

    Catch a fire...
  5. Clan

    Clan Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Could be catch a bus with petit.Just never know what type of game he'll bring.

    I think he should be firmly stuck in front of the back four as a defencive mid.he can cut out the long ball early, be first to close down the ball carrier whilst leting the big two in the middle do something else besides see what babayaro is up to, he has a cruncher of a tackle and...very importent this, he's nor seen as a dirty player by the refs whick means he'll get the breaks on the clumsy 50-50 and not give away a silly free kick in dangerous territory.Lord knows we still have problems defending them.

    He won't set the game on fire from there and won't be expected to.In fact his sometimes lazy approach would benifit us as that position needs a stay at home type of player.

    I would like to see Morris come of age to tell the truth, but i fear his time has come and gone at the bridge.I fear even more that we are stuck with the lil git now as we are severly short in that department a nd he may see a record number of appearances, if not starts, this season.
    But, he does have bite in him and thats a plus.

    Our "steel" may well turn out to be damascus instead of tungsten.

    Laters monkee, got to run.
  6. Lowecifer

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    Jan 11, 2000
    Baltimore, MD
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:

    To many draws sunk this team in the last 3 seasons. That and subpar performances against un-sexy clubs like Bradford City, Charlton, Soton, etc.


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