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Discussion in 'Austria & Switzerland' started by Velvet, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Velvet

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    Jan 1, 2005
    Hey guys,

    I'm a big fan of the austrian bundesliga. I mean, the players are so cool. We got Nudelbecher, Buntenfarber, Grosschreier, Erwinsteiner and all the other super greaties. I'm such a big fan of the unknown team Salzburg Red bullers. I mean, they get their energy from the energy drinks. I mean, that's cheating! Shouldn't the antidoping agency get them a Strafe or something? I surely would appreciate that kind of response.

    Get the slackers, let the clean players play, says me! What about you, do you like this new pro-doping mentality among the pro players? I sure would like some hard reactions for the austrian national team. I mean, half of the players are from another country, they aren't even cold-blooded austrians! What is wrong with the austrian team's bosses. They gotta kick the outsiders out and bring in some real blue-blooded austrians. Right guys? We need to get a better couch for the austrian team too. I mean, this current one isn't helping anything. He's this lame-ass ice-creame eater, who can't even kick the ball. Give him a red bull and he'd fly through the roof like all austrians do, when they see a german. They are that scared of them, like totally.

    Last point, but not the least. The austrians should get some real high-profile players. Now everyone in the team just belongs to the sameold-sameold crowd. We have to get our players kicking the balls like they did in their oldskool-years. Back then, when the couch was so bad, the players lift him up and threw him out of the stadium. Man, that was something back then.

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