The "Corona" Season 2020-21 (v. 2)

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by cpthomas, Aug 14, 2020.

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    It is hard to know with some of the schools whose conference competition will be in the Spring. Of the CUSA schools, right now UAB is listing five games on its schedule. Two of them, however, are Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee, neither of which is indicating it has a Fall schedule. The other three UAB-listed games are Louisiana Monroe, Mercer, and Georgia State, all of which are indicating a game with UAB on their schedules.

    I doubt the UAB Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee games are real, but do not know for sure. Beyond the other three UAB games, I have not found any other CUSA games except for the opponents who have listed Louisiana Tech.

    Apart from CUSA, for the conferences that are not having conference competition in the Fall, the following currently show non-conference games in the Fall:

    Missouri State (Missouri Valley)

    Citadel and Mercer (Southern)

    Abilene Christian, Central Arkansas, Houston Baptist, Lamar, and Stephen F Austin (Southland)

    Army (no published schedule, but press release about game with Navy) and Navy (Patriot)
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    Fun fact on a podcast I listen to... the only schools playing football in states Trump didn’t carry in 2016 are BC, Virginia/Virginia Tech and Syracuse. I assume that trend is probably the same for woso, except maybe to an even greater extent. Not sure there’s anyone playing in woso in a state Trump didn’t win in ‘16.

    It’s funny/sad how politicized the issue is, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Regardless, it seems like the Big Ten will end that trend and join the football scene in October (at latest November) according to plans they’re going to announce today. Doesn’t change anything for woso, unless they allow them to pick up games as well.
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    For WoSo, so far 60 schools have scheduled at least some games in the Fall and 281 have not. I am wondering if the geography of who is and is not playing is more a matter of culture than politics. Football is religion more in some parts of the country than in others. (Of course, there is an overlap between culture and politics, but I think ultimately culture is more powerful.)
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    This isn't necessarily a bad thing that money issues are forcing openings. Livlihoods, savings, jobs, businesses etc. have been lost. Some of these things will never return. Any of you worried about job loses or paying bills? Imagine you own a restaurant that your governor hasn't allowed to open but yet 20 miles away in a different state restaurants have really never shut down. Imagine you own a gym, it's still closed but again over the state lines they are open.

    IL has shut down contact sports but yet I know club soccer teams traveling to IN, MO etc for games. How does this make sense and are we really making decisions in the best interest of health? Sure seems like we'd rather keep people closer to home and let them play rather than driving hours away and staying in hotels and eating out etc.

    The lockdowns have had a great impact on everyone! Not just those who have gotten ill or had friends/family members who were ill.

    It is heartbreaking to see the people stuggling with mental health issues. Did you hear Dak Prescott (Cowboys QB) talk about it during the Sunday night game? He told the reporter how much better he felt when football started. I think most of us will be in a much better place once we get some normalicy back into our lives.

    Sports, opening up businesses etc is about so much more than economics but if that is what pushes society to reopen again then I fully support it.

    I'd be really interested in hearing if anyone here who is still for the lockdowns has lost jobs, businesses, etc. Are you self employed?

    Seems like it's much easier to make those decisions when you're not cutting into your savings to make ends meet.
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    Aug 11, 2020
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    The health care workers appreciated the lockdowns. Did you see how many health care workers lost their lives treating Covid patients? Now teachers are dying of it.
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    Looks like 5 teachers have died from covid so far, 3 were positive prior to school coming back so that doesn’t seem to be because of the students returning. Definitely a concern though.

    Interestingly enough, with the real risks there are associated with covid and how it can affect everyone, young athletes that are healthy still appear to be able to handle the virus and move on. As I’ve stated before this age group isn’t being affected in a similar manner that others are.
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    At least 5 teachers have died from COVID-19 since the school year began.

    Keep ignoring that these young people pass the virus on to people on campus, flight attendants, restaurant workers, etc. And, one of those teachers did not get it directly from the students but she got it by going back to the classroom a few days prior to prep for online school.
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    Here's a great article retweeted by Leora Horwitz. She's been at the heart of COVID in NYC from the beginning. She is a medical doctor and has seen the worst!

    Most of her tweets are non-partisan which I appreciate. She does have political opinions here and there and while we may not be on the same aisle in our overall political views, I feel she has been one of the best medical doctors out there as far as what she posts and shares and her experiences. I'm grateful that she is as open as she is with her opinions and experiences. I 100% respect her opinions and her personally and professionally as a medical doctor.

    Read this article, I think it gives you a great insight from a medical standpoint and answers a lot of questions on where do we go from here...COVID is not going away, how do we protect those at risk and allow those who have less risk to work/go to school etc.

    She and her partners did a great study of co-morbidities and what really had the most risk and they found obesity is the highest risk factor. If you look at many of the younger people who are passing from COVID, they fall into that category. The few teachers I saw who passed from COVID were obese. I think it would be a valid condition to "opt out" of in person teaching for the year if a teacher was an at risk individual. No one wants people to die from COVID.

    If you are a high risk individual, then by all means please protect yourself.

    I wish our doctors and media would be speaking out about obesity being a high risk factor. We are really doing the world a disservice by not educating the public on this risk factor.

    Her twitter account has a great wealth of information. She's been quite outspoken on many things which she believes are important like masking etc. It's public if you'd like to read it.

    If you scroll back a long way (she does post a lot) you will see the study she co-authored on the risk factors she saw personally in NYC.

  10. Collegewhispers

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    I’m not ignoring it. The majority of these people they pass the virus to will also be fine. Just like the athletes are fine dealing with this virus. Those with significant pre existing conditions and the elderly need to be cautious though.
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    The majority ... but not everyone. Unlike you and soccerfanalways I appreciate every single life. Not just the majority. Ask Ken Snow's family how it feels to lose a seemingly healthy loved one to Covid. Some very normal healthy people have lost their lives from this virus. It is not that simple that only obviously compromised people need to protect themselves. The utter disregard for human life by some people this past year is stunning. The health care workers should be your first thought. Clearly neither you or anyone in your family is treating Covid victims.
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    FIFY ↑

    More than those with "significant pre existing conditions and the elderly" need to be cautious. Everyone needs to be cautious. The exact reason that we are where we are is because not enough people have been cautious - not wearing masks, disregard for social distancing, poor hand-washing habits and disregard for universal precautions. Too many have the attitude that they;re fine because they're in a low risk category and might be in excellent health and, thus, are not careful. To be fair, though, I've seen plenty of people that clearly are not in good health and are not careful. Someone in good health can pass covid on just as easily to someone that may not handle it well as a person that may not be in good health. The virus does not see those distinctions.

    Look, this virus sucks. But to be honest, it is what it is and I have adapted. I'm in excellent health and am a lower-risk person though not as low risk as I was 20 years ago. Still, though, I am careful. I have not made this virus force me into a cave and not live my life, though. I still work and conduct business (albeit, it is largely via Zoom or some other virtual format), I get out and exercise, I go to the grocery store and, in general, I live my life. I have been out to a restaurant but only where there has been outdoor seating that is spaced apart.

    I hate the fact that I need to make an appointment to see my parents at their assisted living facility and then once I'm there I can't hug them and my visit is limited to half an hour. I'm a sociable person and sometimes it is hard for me not to be close to people. I hate the fact that my kids' college experiences are not what they should be. Going to classes in person and being social, going to parties, etc, is part of what the entire college experience is about. I hate wearing a mask when I go to the grocery store but I do it. There is a lot about all of this that I hate but I am not unique and I am tired of hearing whiny people saying that they are inconvenienced by whatever and "I'm not wearing a mask." All of a sudden people are Constitutional scholars and claim that their freedoms and rights are being impinged on. I would challenge those people to dissect the Constitution and show me how they're being violated.

    Everyone is in this situation together and some people need to quit being babies about it. As we would say in temple, "gam zeh ya'avor" - this to shall pass. It will pass much better, though, if people are smart about it. There is no reason to shut everything down and things will not need to shutdown if people are safe, patient, and smart.

    Lastly, this conversation seems to be taking on a bit of a political bent again. Since the beginning of covid there have been political aspects to it. The last time that I checked, viruses don't distinguish between political affiliations and beliefs. Covid is an apolitical issue and the sooner that everyone realizes that the better off we will be.
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    About Ken Snow, it was not simply a COVID death...He had struggled for years with other issues which I do not want to get into here.

    And I do have a very good friend who is treating COVID deaths personally, she's a Pulmonary critical care intensivist in the ICU at a major hospital (She intubates /extubates COVID patients daily) I care deeply about her and her family.

    I care about all people and that is why I advocate for opening things back up again. Read the article Leona was quoted in. She's certainly not a conservative and has actually treated and cared for patients. There is a cost of lives to isolating and keeping everything shut down. I'm advocating for those lives too.

    Every decision has consequences, some intended some not We are seeing unintended consequences occuring due to the shut downs...
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    As the second wave of coronavirus infections coming through in Europe, they are rejecting lockdowns and schools are open. I thought countries like Germany would know better but clearly have no idea what they are doing...
  15. Collegewhispers

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    Thanks for the words of wisdom. So what do you propose we do? Keep the world shut down? What’s your genius plan for making sure our society doesn’t collapse? I’m intrigued to hear.
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    Just found out this morning that the Florida vs Mizzou game has been postponed due to COVID outbreak... Wonder how many more games this will happen to for WoSo this Fall for the few teams that are choosing to play...
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    Big Ten football going to start up again!!
    Will Big Ten soccer play or just wait until winter/spring?
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    A pandemic SHOULD be apolitical but it's been made political by our fatuous, disgraceful president who quite obviously cares far more about his political fortunes than any health crisis facing the country. He spent a key month telling Americans there was no problem, then took it seriously but the government response was mostly haphazard and incompetent, and then moved back into his pretending it didn't exist mode with the election on the near-term horizon. You can't properly tackle a health crisis when you have a dope president who's mostly ignored or undercut the advice of health experts. Beyond that, we've seen what a massive dilemma a pandemic can create when the response is slow and badly managed and when prevention measures cause serious damage to the economy and financial well-being of millions of people. Let's hope we've learned a hard lesson and will be better prepared to quash the next pandemic early on--but it's hard in a country like ours, to put it politely.
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    Way to not make it political, I congratulate your exemplary attempt. I’ll continue, democratic led states continue to fail in ALL areas but especially in continuing to let the mobs loot and destroy and to push the racist in itself BLM movement that does nothing to help the race except cause more racial divide. All dems want the economy to fail so they can keep more homeless and poverty levels high so people have to rely on them for free everything with no moral value to get out and support themselves. Let all the working class, middle and high continue to provide for the less fortunate and cry they don’t have anything when most can work choose not to. But hey, way to make the thread non political, I applaud you.
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    Congratulations! You just broke the record for the most BS propaganda ever posted on a soccer forum in one post!
    You know Hannity and Carlson and the folks at Breitbart don't really believe the crap their feeding you folks don't you? It's all about ratings and clicks for them and they are taking you folks for a ride.

    I hope this stuff gets deleted. There are Sooooo many other places for this crap. Can we stay on Corona virus and how it affect college soccer please?
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    Well republican led states and states that voted for trump DO lead in a few categories: per-person income and household/ family income. Eighteen of the 19 poorest states have legislatures where both chambers are Republican controlled.

    So it’s a mind puzzle to think that the dems want to keep people poor yet republicans keep shepherding the poorest states.
    This is such a terrible and simplistic take on a complex issue. I’m angry at you and at myself for responding when I know it will make no difference.
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    ACC games starting tomorrow. With all the schools making their own decisions around how to travel - bus/fly,day of vs earlier, distance etc ,fans/no fans , the Home "advantage" could be pretty huge in some cases.
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    Can’t wait for it to start. A little disappointed that Pitt isn’t allowing fans. Although I don’t blame them. I was really looking forward to watching the team in person this year. Off to a good start even though it was against much weaker competition. It wasn’t that long ago that Pitt struggled with those teams so it was nice to see them handle app state the way you would expect an ACC team would. They open up at home against Syracuse tomorrow night then on the road at Navy on Sunday

    I’m also pretty excited to watch Florida state vs Notre Dame tomorrow night. One good thing about staying home is I can watch multiple games at the same time!
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    Division I dead period extended through the end of the calendar year. Not unexpected but laughable. Safe to play games and for Division II and III to recruit, but not DI.

    Bad for athletes, too. Will only increase transfer rate of 2021/22 I would expect, but maybe not. Will be interesting to see what some tournaments/showcases do the remainder of the year.

    I also fear for my D1 colleagues. Easy and more susceptible to furlough with no students on campus (in December across the board) and no in person recruiting to do. Hope I’m wrong!
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    Wildcatter - Good assessment on the Pitt v App State games last week. Other than the opening 15 minutes or so of the first game I thought it was all Pitt. I am looking forward to see what they can do against better competition this year. Virginia v Duke game tomorrow night followed closely behind by Pitt v Syracuse. Popcorn time!
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