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Discussion in 'NWSL' started by g4m, Aug 15, 2002.

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    Oct 28, 2000
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    for most of this week ive been trying to put into words the reasons why i love the charge in a way that would be understandble and fit for public consumption...however the charge site staff (yes the same ones i cussed out on monday :rolleyes: ) But l must add at least something to this fine article to further show why i am such a passionate fan of the charge.

    Lemme show some facts first

    the charge were the first team to:

    Have a non founder as captian

    Have a foreigner as captian

    Have a drafted player as captian (JT vs NYP in june of 2001 with lorrie hurt and fitchten in germany)

    Bench a founder

    Trade a founder

    Now granted that in many of these cases the founder involved was Saskia Webber, the clown princess of the founder crop. But still the point im trying to make is that weve done it our way since the getgo. some more facts...our top players have been

    The whipping girl for the USWNT fans since 2000 (lorrie fair)

    Considered a wasted pick because of her want to finish school (Tullock)

    Cut by her hometown team (moore)

    Drafted in the 11th round (JT)

    Scoffed at by the press for being taken over sissi (Smith)

    Protested by the league for not being up to league standards in their (very wrong) opinion (PICHON!!!)

    Now theyve always said we would be last, they were wrong

    Every year weve been the wipping girls for the press and every year weve bit them in the SS!

    Dont the foolish people realize that hell hath no fury like women scorned???

    We are Hell's Belles!!!!! (note the southern pun)
    and we are coming to take mia down...and end the infernal empire of stupidity and overrating!!!! We are the best youve never heard of...and maybe thats why i got so distressed in mia being the site's first picture. water under the bridge now, or should i say the sea of red mia and co will drown in this saturday.

    All may join me in AC/DC chants now ;)


    Add your why you love the charge stories here...lets make this a book LOL!!! fill it up, theyve earned it!!!!!!!
  2. SoccStarTW

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    Jul 29, 2002
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    theyre just awesome

    I love the Charge for many reasons. As you've said, they prove all the doubters wrong and don't care about what other people say about them. I also love the Charge because they're so awesome to the fans. They're willing to sit there and sign tons of autographs after a game...unlike mia hamm who seems to sign about 3 and then leaves. They are all so humble and gracious about makes them so much more appealing.


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