TFC Fans Support Team Canada not the CSA!

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    - I totally support this...found this on the Red Patch boys web site, if your coming down to the game, Canada vs Costa Rica put a black shirt on or buy the shirts that were created for this game, you can buy them at Shoeless or in the parking lot neat gate 3 @ BMO "Day of the Game".


    - Voyageurs web site: A proposed press release:

    A coalition of Canadian soccer fans is convinced that the future of Canadian soccer is black.

    As such, the group is calling on all fans attending the September 12 friendly between Canada and Costa Rica to wear black to the game as a symbol of their frustration and hopelessness about the state of the game in this country.

    We believe that without significant changes to the way the sport is administrated in Canada there is little hope that Canada will ever see success at an international level.

    Specifically, we are calling on Sport Canada to create a more professional, efficient and accountable environment at the Canadian Soccer Association with the express purpose of better cultivating our elite players and national programs. If the current CSA administration is unwilling to change its way of operation, we are asking that it be disbanded and replaced with a new organization.

    We don’t believe Canada’s failure to thrive at the sport is a lack of talent problem; we believe it’s a CSA problem.

    Please join us Sept. 12 by wearing black to the National Soccer Stadium.

    (a paragraph about us—something that says that we aren’t just three crackpots)

    For more information please call (name) at (number).

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