tell us about your encounters with any mls player.

Discussion in 'MLS: Rumors' started by 12wizards22, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. 12wizards22

    12wizards22 New Member

    Nov 13, 2004
    Kansas City, KS
    i have so many that i can't pick just one .
  2. FCDallas------

    FCDallas------ New Member

    Oct 3, 2004
    a friend of mine got his US National Team jersey signed by Cory Gibbs this year after a Burn game
  3. NattyBo

    NattyBo Member+

    Apr 30, 2004
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    At the last regular season game, I told Freddy Adu 'way to make Johnny Walker your bitch' when all the players came over to us after the game.

    The grin and laugh to go along with it were priceless.

    Asked Brian Carroll when his brothers were going to start playing for United, told Nelly he was always welcome in DC. Petke has stopped by on his way to the stadium at our tailgate a few times and always had some funny remark to leave us laughing.
  4. gherter

    gherter Member

    Sep 16, 2002
    Leesburg, Virginia
    I took my kids to several of the DC United youth clinics this year. The players run them through some drills then sign autographs. Both kids (boy-9 and girl-11) have a ball that they have been collecting autographs on. They have about 10 on each one. The players are very approachable there. They pose for photos, etc. Plus it wasn't just the non-starters. Eskandarian, Convey, Kovolenko, Nemoff, and Perkins were there. All of them except Convey were very good with the kids. Convey came late and didn't do much. He had twisted his knee or something the game before and was out for a few weeks, so I wasn't surprised that he wasn't running the kids threw drills. I remember Perkins and Nemoff were very good with the kids. They had lots of games that keep the kids interested, Harry Potter spells, etc.

    Also, we got Freddy's signature, too, after a DCU game. It was Freddymania there, but he was friendly and accomodating.
  5. gherter

    gherter Member

    Sep 16, 2002
    Leesburg, Virginia
    I just remembered another one. I went to a closed practice two years ago. My company sponsors the Kicks for Kids program. Our PR lead gave a little speech and she invited some people to come along to hear her and give moral support. After the practice we had a lunch with the team at the open end of the RFK field, and then listened to a couple speeches.

    I got my photo taken with Eddie Pope. Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring my kids. I only had one pass, but I'm sure they would have let me in with them. They could have gotten sigs from the whole team. I didn't know much about the team then, but remember seeing Marco Echevarry.
  6. regulator

    regulator Member

    Apr 25, 2004
    New Jersey
    New York Red Bulls
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    back in the day, i got a chance to meet a number of the old metros before one of their games. i even got a picture with tony meola (one of my all time favorite metros)...then, on my way to my seat, i met (an injured at the time) tab ramos, and also got a picture with him. it was all pretty cool stuff.
  7. copaantl98

    copaantl98 Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Got an autograph of Lothar Matthaus at ESPN SportsZone in Times Square.
  8. dice50

    dice50 New Member

    Oct 4, 2000
    Norman, Oklahoma
    burn it.
  9. amcwiz5

    amcwiz5 New Member

    Nov 17, 2003
    Tucson/Overland Park
    Senior year of high school for humanities class we went to the Lyric to see an Opera. My friends and I were there early and while we were standing in the entry way thingy I saw this guy that I thought was really hot and that looked really familiar. Then it hit me it was Kerry Zavagnin. I told some of the guys in my class and we all went up to him. He autographed our ticke and talked to us for a while. During intermission I went and got a picture taken with him.
  10. fatmaradona

    fatmaradona New Member

    Dec 15, 2002
    the Anschutz ranch
    years aqo was at a bar in the LoDo area in Denver and met Alexi Lalas and Mike Burns who were both playing for New England I think---anyway, bought Alexi a shot and told him to beat Mexico, which he told me was tough and but that he hated those fu**ers---I told Mike Burns I didn't know who he was and he acted like a dick.

    good times
  11. JMMUSA8

    JMMUSA8 New Member

    Nov 3, 2001
    New England Revolution
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I met Ben Olsen at the All-Star game in 2001 (in SJ) and he had cut his hair so I didn't know who he was. When I asked him he said John Harkes (he noticed I was wearing a Revs jersey). Then I finally figured out he was Ben Olsen and we shared a good laugh.

    I rode in an elevator with Adin Brown. He actually remembers me as the guy who rode in an elevator with him. Pretty sweet.

    I'm sure most of the Revs players know my face. The coaches know me (from a school assignment) as does the GM and technical director.

    This is a little skewed from the topic but during All-Star weekend (in SJ again), at the skills competition, my brother and I talked to Beasley's parents for the whole competition. It was pretty cool, he has the nicest parents.
  12. Wile Coyote

    Wile Coyote Red Card

    Sep 21, 2000
    Punta del Este, Uru.
    Club Nacional de Football
    i have met and took pictures with many soccer players from MLS to US National team players to many super stars from around the world.. every encounter has been a positive one.. especially US Nat player some like kasey keller puting up with me and taking a picture in the rain with lighting flashing all around..

    But here is a story you all might be interesed in...I have a friend from vienna who came to NY to visit when lothar played in NJ after a game we went with the now disbanded LA12 supporters to shake down a few metro players for jersey, jackets and money which we did week in and week out (and usually got what we asked for) lothar came out and these little kids asked for an autograph and he said NO NO I'M SORRY I HAVE NO TIME when my austrian friend said some thing in german Lothar told my buddy OKAY OKAY YOU COME me and my buddy went over and took pictures with lothar and they both started to speak in german they both laughed and lothar got into his BMW SUV and left.. I asked my friend whay did he ask lothar and my friend said "i asked lothar why would he come here and play in such an inferior team and lothar had responded THE MONEY WAS JUST TO DAMN GOOD and laughed...
  13. annoying

    annoying New Member

    Sep 6, 2004
    Well way back when the Galaxy was still in the Rose Bowl, I went to a Galaxy clinic. Hartman,Victorine, Hendrickson(now chivas), Mullan (now SJ), and Elliott(now Crew) were there. They were all really nice people and were happy to sign autographs and take pics. Sigi was there too.

    Then at the '03 All Star game @ Home Depot Center, there was a big All Star thing in Long Beach. I went there and took a pic with Oughton(Crew)
  14. Mikey mouse

    Mikey mouse Member

    Jul 27, 1999
    Charleston, SC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    One of the best things about here in charleston is the Battery's Three Lions Pub. After matches, the Battery players always come up (Eric Wynalda, Wolde Harris, EZ, Terry Phelan, Mark Watson, Dan Calichman, Raul Diaz Arce as well as the rest, of course, over the last couple years) Not to mention the visiting team usualy comes up and I've met Valderrama, John Spenser, and Pablo after the Rapids USOC in '02. The USOC '01 Metros , Timmy Howard, (after we put 4 by him) Petke, Tab Ramos

    This year both DC United and Columbus Crew were in town for a week during preseason and had a nice long chat with Freddy Adu and Kevin Ara.

    Richie Williams (who seems hard of hearing) wiht Richmond, Roy Lassitor and Dante Washington when they were with Virginia Beach, Chacon wiht Atlanta....

    The Three Lions is great and the players have all been great. They always are willing to hang out for a bit, share a beer and a relax for a while.


    EL MONO MARIO Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Montevideo, Uruguay
    CA River Plate
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    In 1997 I met Roberto Donadoni at a US Open cup game. It was an honor for me to meet such a great player...

    Along with Wile E Coyote, I was there the day we LA12 went toe to toe w. the metro"stars", fun days fun days... I met many MLS players, mostly Metro"stars" but none was great as meeting Donadoni.
  16. (TxT)

    (TxT) Member+

    Jun 9, 2004
    Tampa, FL
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I have't been to a Silverbacks game in years but I distinctly remeber one me and a friend went to. It was a promotional game with Carlos Valderrama and a lot of people were there. Me and my friend were walking around before the game and saw Carlos so we got some autographs, he signed a poster I have from the innaugural MLS season with him on it. When he saw the poster he started to laugh, he then looked at me and gave me the thumbs up. I remember him being the shortest buy I had ever seen and found it funny he signed his name "El Pibe" and not his real name. After we walked away he was mobbed by people.

    During the game a Silverbacks player got hurt and after he came out of the locker room he sat near to me and my friend and watched the rest of the game. We said hello and got him to sign the small soccer ball they handed out to all the kids. Later in the game we spotted another Silverback player that had been red-carded sitting in the stands. He signed are ball but was prety pissed and said they'd hand out autographed pictures of him after th game. The game ended on a penalty save by the whole team and everyone rushed onto the field and got autographs, even adults. I interrupted some guy to get his autograph when he was talking to a suit aout MLS, I think his name was Castilla.
  17. soccergc20

    soccergc20 New Member

    Aug 2, 2004
    Grove City, OH
    After a crew game i waited by the locker room entrance for about 30 minutes. Jeff Cunningham came back out all dressed up and looking nice. I complimented him and asked him to come over to give me an autograph. He said alright and to wait a minute. I then saw him get on his cell fone, and call someone. He pointed towards a side of the stadium and left. I still havent recieved my autograph.
  18. 12wizards22

    12wizards22 New Member

    Nov 13, 2004
    Kansas City, KS
    that's sad to hear. and to me that's just rude. i mean we buy the tickets and pay parking to come to every match to watch our favorite team or players play. and all we ask for is a little autograph and or picture. and when you get left high and dry. that really hurts. at the very least they could just say thanks to us for coming out. well i hope that you get your autograph soon, good luck.
  19. i_heart_landon

    i_heart_landon New Member

    Nov 18, 2004
    Columbus-for now
    From what I hear around town, this is classic Cunningham. Unfortunately, I wouldn't hold your breath about the autograph.
  20. wizards girl

    wizards girl New Member

    Dec 19, 2004
    hummmm........... well Diego Gutierrez goes to my church, he's a neat guy. I like to talk to Nick Garcia at partys and stuff. I just love the whole team and it's definantly not good that they are being sold. But we'll just have to see what God's Will comes out to be. Good question though.
  21. Nutz

    Nutz New Member

    Dec 23, 2003
    Houston, TX
    my wife and i made it the final Burn game at the Cotton Bowl. nothing but compliments for the Burn players. all were willing to sign autographs, chat, partake in photos. it was a good experience.
  22. kcscsupporter

    kcscsupporter Member+

    Apr 17, 2002
    Sporting Kansas City
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    tell your god to build us a stadium too. ...wait, i'm thinking of santa. it doesn't matter... whoever comes through will have a new believer!
  23. wizards girl

    wizards girl New Member

    Dec 19, 2004
    God will come through. If it is his Will. And don't worry about it. we still have the 2005 season.something will happen ecpecially with Derek Gathright taking action.
  24. jlm120170

    jlm120170 New Member

    Dec 14, 2003
    Man is DC United the only team with a meet the team day they let us bring in anything to get signed and take pictures this summer i had a picture taken with Dema, Adu and coach Nowak.I also had the whole team sign a United Flag.
  25. gk0002

    gk0002 New Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Lee's Summit

    The Wizards have one too. I don't know about other teams though.

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