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    Hello everyone, I am new! I hope to cheekily probe this forum for information! I am a football (soccer) obsessed Brit who hopes to learn a lot more about MLS generally. I write content for some UK based websites on a freelance basis. There is growing interest in MLS and I see an opportunity to start positioning myself as an MLS expert. To get there I need to do my research. I think by far the best way to shortcut this is to ask club fans their thoughts. So if one or two of you could indulge me....

    1) What do you think your team's prospects are for 2022
    2) Who in your existing roster do you think can be a breakout player in 2022. Why? (By breakout player - I am thinking of someone who is currently on the fringes, but who you think will play MLS regularly next year with good success)
    3) Is there anyone in your roster that you expect to leave and play at a top European club within a year or two. Do your think they would succeed? Why?
    4) What is the atmosphere like at home games? I have watched games in a lot of countries and plan to take in some MLS games someday. Should your stadium be on the shortlist?!
    5) Who at your club do you expect to play at next year's world cup?

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who is prepared to share their thoughts
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    Okay, I'll bite.

    1) Philadelphia should be at bare minimum be contending for the Eastern Conference. Their defense was one of the best in MLS in 2021 and if they bring back everyone on defense they're a top unit. Andre Blake, our GK is a mainstay of the Jamaican National Team and has been consistently in the running for Best GK in the league for several years running.

    2) Easy choice, Jack McGlynn, he showed some good flashes and with Alejandro Bedoya turning 35 in April, McGlynn will be 19 in July, if he continues his upward trend he'll get more minutes in place of Bedoya if/when he gets rested.

    3) Jack McGlynn, Paxten Aaronson and Quinn Sullivan. They are 18, 18 and 17 respectively. All have shown flashes of quality. If they continue trending up, I could see some interest coming from Europe.

    4) Subaru Park is awesome when there are high stakes games. Go watch some highlights from our playoff run to get an idea of what the atmosphere can be like when the crowd is into it.

    5) If Cameroon qualifies, Olivier Mbaizo probably will get called up for the squad. Otherwise probably no one else I can think of at the moment.
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