Teaching religion in public schools (as an elective)

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    This here has pretty much nothing to do with intelligent design, so I started a new thread.

    A short NYTimes article on a controversy between Christians over what version of the bible should be used in an elective bible study class.


    See...this is what happens when christians 'win' the war on their culture. They can't stop fighting. Once they have defeated the athiests, they turn on themselves - baptists vs episcopalians, methodists vs catholics.

    I don't understand why people want to have more religion in schools. Because if I had a kid, I wouldn't want my kid listening to some teacher from another sect weighing in with religious comments. I don't mind an elective that surveys and gives a background on religions - I remember a nominally christian colleague of mine who had no clue what the difference between catholic and protestant ideas - that ignorance could be addressed.

    But our nation's constitution was set up with the results of England's interchristian slaughters in mind - after all - the last english guy to denounce the rule of kings (and kill one) - Cromwell, was really brutal to the catholics and moderate anglicans. The reformation and counterreformation in germany, holland, etc was quite brutal as well (where political opportunists used religious differences to gain power and killed thousands).

    Forget teaching the crusades as evidence of christian intolerance...or christians vs athiests...we should return to teaching evidence of internecine warfare between christians. That would encourage people to respect the separation of church and state, not undermine it.

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