Tablik Ja'maat: A Saddam/OBL/Mugabe/Pakistan connection?

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    I came across this while looking for articles detailing the ties between the Democratic Party, anti-Vietnam War protest groups, and the Hanoi regime in the mid-1970s. (I'm still working on that, but this understandably caught my attention.) I typed "who funded vietnam anti-war protests?" into AskJeeves and one of the things that popped up was this:

    Now, I'll start off by saying I don't know how reputable the New York Daily News is. And this is old--I haven't heard anything about it. But why this is the case, is one of my questions.

    I ran "Tablik Ja'maat" thru Yahoo and not much showed up. Mainly just word-for-word copies of the NYDN story from a few other sites, including the Seattle Times.

    But this also popped up, from an Australian newspaper called "The Age" (again, I dont know how reliable this is):

    I checked out BBC's Cricket World Cup page and found no fewer than 7 teams which could potentially have been terrorist targets: Australia, Canada, England, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Pakistan. Holland and New Zealand sent troops to aid the US effort in Afghanistan; the others have all at one time or another been called out by name by top AQ officials as potential targets (not the cricket teams, but the countries).

    It goes further. A Yahoo search for "Tablik Jamaat" reveals this piece, which claims that a group known as "Tablik-e-Jamaat" has been trained by the Pakistani government to carry out terrorists attacks in the Xinjiang region occupied by China.

    But China is arguably Pakistan's closest ally. Could the Pakis be preparing to stab Beijing in the back? Possibly, but it's unlikely. More likely, in my opinion, is that Tablik-e-Jamaat has its sights set on India--perhaps among others.

    If we are to assume that "Tablik-e-Jamaat" and "Tablik Ja'maat" are one and the same, the investigation returns to the Cricket World Cup. India, England, Australia, and the Netherlands were all drawn into the same first-round, round-robin group in this tournament. Moreover, this group's matches were initially scheduled to be played in Zimbabwe (the tournament was originally supposed to be played both there and in South Africa but a decision was made at the last minute to play all games in South Africa). Setting aside the Netherlands as they are not as high-profile a target as the others, and assuming that one of the two teams to be attacked would be India, we come to the theory that TJ was planning an attack either on the India-Australia or India-England match. This would have been coming on the heels of recent al-Qaeda-linked terrorist attacks against India (the attack on the Parliament in Dehli in December 2001) and Australia (the Bali nightclub bombing in October 2002), and a foiled plot to attack England's soccer team on the field during one of their games in the 1998 World Cup.

    Getting back to Iraq, the evidence of a connection between Tablik Ja'maat and Saddam Hussein is shaky at best. All we have is the NYDN report, which was picked up by a few other sources but seems to have been hushed up, and a French article which again reports the same thing:

    As for the connections between TJ and Mugabe? Again, no solid evidence of this--but Mugabe runs Zimbabwe with an iron fist, and it is difficult to believe that things of this nature could go on without his knowledge, if perhaps not help.

    I'm probably blowing all of this out of proportion, but IMO it's something worth thinking about.

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