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  2. He's the goods, though when Poland officially joins the EEU Szetela won't have work permit problems in England. The big boys have already sat up and taken notice of the lad.
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    Re: Re: Szetela

    MLS is not a bad career option at this point in his life, if MLS are willing to offer up enough money to make it worth Szetela's while to stay. He would get serious minutes for practically any MLS team next year, while he'd stand little chance at 17 with the bigger Euro clubs.

    Re: Poland, I believe that the FA is treating the future EU members as if they were already members, hence the row about Howard not actually having a Hungarian passport, and so having to get a WP.
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    Re: Re: Re: Szetela

    I have to say that the P-40 program seems like an incredible benefit to anyone who is considering MLS, play soccer and get paid now, full college tuition later, brilliant. One of the smarter things they have done.

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