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    Nov 24, 1999
    "I love how people bring this up as if it's either a) new or b) meaningful.

    so, they should be wearing tops and tails? who cares, they're still better than 99.9% of the "pop music" that's out

    I agree. Who cares? It always makes for a better story when someone goes from rags to riches or rags to some artistic recognition and a decent following but some people with money decide to do something cool...and it works. It's a great album if you like the New York sound from the 70's, namely Television and Velvet Underground. Are they breaking new ground or are they my heroes? No. It's refreshing if you don't like Creed, Matchbox 20 or the like.

    I'm sure everyone can come up with an artist that's got crediblity that had a leg up or was born with a silver spoon. At least they weren't male cheerleaders in a all male uppidty New England high school like GW Bush.

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