Stolen Election

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by YITBOS, Nov 30, 2004.


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    Here we are several days after the stolen election in Ohio. I am calling upon all Ohioans to demand a recount and get this b@stard out of his office. We have already put up with 4 years of his crap and mediocrity.

    His record shows that the blue states are correct when it comes to "game-time" decisions. He showed that he is capable of turning excellent intentions into pure trash. He is not a good leader and should be despised as such.

    If he is not removed, I am going to move --- probably either to Detroit or lovely Beirut.

    Once and for all --- Sack the Druler!!!!

    Also, I'm surprised that no one else, in this supposedly blue city, has made the connection between the Druler and the Dems view of Bush until now.
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    That'd be democracy, chump.
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    Jun 17, 2002
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    And here I thought someone was demanding a recount of the votes in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Michigan or Pennsylvania (the one that includes Philadelphia which had more issues with possible fraud than what we've heard about regarding Ohio).

    It's sad to see 48% of the country still in depression searching for something to hold on to.

    And by the way, the Druler was never elected. He was imposed upon us.

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