Stephane Dalmat - a touch of class?

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Danners9, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Well? He does look it, the 5 mins or so vs Chelsea set up a very good chance for Zamora and yesterday when he came on gave Spurs a bit of speed and flair in midfield.

    Obviously match fitness isn't quite there yet, but he is looking a player. When Davies is back, the midfield will be formidable! Davies-Dalmat-one of 3-Knochesky.

    I like the balance, and diversity of the midfield. The "one of 3" can either be Anderton - too slow to bomb forward, but decent with the ball.. so he can sit back and create. Poyet - who is also too slow to bomb forward but finds himself in good positions. Bunjevcevic - defensive mind, and we need one like that.

    Or perhaps a 4-4-2 with Richards and Gardner back, and King in the middle??

    Hopefully once he's got a few minutes behind him, he'll prove very useful. No chance of us signing him on a full time deal though, Inter would charge us a fortune. Konchesky on the other hand... keen to impress, keen to leave the pikeys (Charlton) and has played his heart out for Spurs so far! Sign him!

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    Without Redknapp we should bring King into midfield as the d-mid, without those two use Ricketts and Anderton. If we're desperate, then Bunjevcevic. But central midfield is a place where we are desperate for reinforcements. Although saying that, we should do our best to work out a deal for Konchesky.

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