Star players (usually strikers) at int'l minnows

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    You know the type - like a mini-George Weah, the type of striker who is a regular in their national team and often head-and-shoulders above their teammates. Less like Weah, most of these guys seem to toil in their home country's domestic division with the odd season or two abroad.

    Deon McCauley from Belize seems to fit the mold, or Stefano Rijssel from Suriname. I get a strange sense of satisfaction seeing strikers whose career highlights have mostly been in early rounds of WCQ get a chance at a bigger club somewhere, even if McCauley didn't light up the NASL a few years ago.

    Any other examples in world football right now? For some reason, a lot of these smaller international minnows seem to produce a (relatively) top striker every generation or so.
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    Probably Christian Pulisic in 10 years
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