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    It's truly amazing that with the poor record we have we are still in the hunt for a play off slot. One of the reasons is that we either win or lose. Other teams tie but we rarely get a single point. Ergo, we have almost as many wins as the majority of teams but a huge margin in losses (12).

    This is a team of mosts:

    Most goals
    Most goals against
    Most losses
    Almost most wins (well a lot anyway:)
    Most frustrating bunch to ever play for the Revs.

    I wonder which team will show up for the remainder of the season? Right now we all are down on the whole bunch but with all due respect to the opinion of some I still think this is a team that can win a bunch of matches---IF--- they can solve the defensive malaise that have all but distroyed their season. Getting our defensive corps healthy is only the first step.
    ~We need a second forward to start scoring to take heat of TnT. This will trickle back to take the pressure off the defense.
    ~The team needs to regain confidence in themselves. So much of a teams chemistry is built around confidence.
    ~We need to stay healthy and not take dumb cards that will result in suspensions.

    I'm thinking a fiesty bunch of hungry players will show up down the home stretch, Fuller will start scoring and we will find that the defense finally starts playing smart and not giving up the dumb goal. We will make the playoffsbut I don't think we will be seeing the Revs playing on 20 Oct.
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    Good points.

    However if we are to find a second forward who can score some goals I think it will be Chacon and not Fuller. I have been impressed with Fuller's ability to play with his back to goal, but he hasn't shown much in the finishing department. Chacon has scored 2 goals this season and has hit the woodwork on two other occasions IIRC. It seems like there is no room for Chacon in the midfield due to his lack of defensive work, so I'd like to see him start up top alongside TnT.
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    Jul 5, 2002
    We won't make the playoffs, but I enjoy self-inflicted pain, so I will hope, only to be destroyed in a few weeks.

    I'm a Red Sox fan, too, after all.

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